Famous Pro-Refugee Actor Visits Refugee Camp, Security Detail Gets Robbed and Attacked

Europe’s leftist celebrities have taken to crusading for the plight of Middle Eastern refugees that have flooded central and Western Europe. While they go home at night and nestle into their comfortable homes far away from the areas often affected by the relocation of Muslim refugees who share a starkly different cultural viewpoint, too-many celebrities maintain that it is a moral obligation to accept refugees while allowing others to deal with the consequences.

One such actor is Jude Law. While Mr. Law has mainly focused on urging the UK government to accept unaccompanied children into the UK, he has, nonetheless, seemingly prioritized the plight of refugees over the plight of his fellow countrymen.

Law recently toured the refugee camp in Calais, France. French authorities are planning to dismantle portions of the camp and Law and others have demanded that the British government accept the refugee children into the UK.

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While at the camp to make smug pronouncements about the moral imperative to check-out the camp and assist in the plight of the refugees, Law’s security team, a luxury that most Britons do not enjoy, were attacked and robbed by refugees with low regard for the countries that have taken them in.

The security team was ambushed by the poor, downtrodden thugs and had their phones stolen.

According to a source at the camp:

 “We were shocked to see some of the migrants acting like football hooligans.”

“The security team had stones thrown at them, and two had their phones smashed then stolen. Jude and Tom were told to stay in the bus shortly before the ambush as the atmosphere was building.”

Mr. Law and every other citizen of Europe and the United States should be welcomed to form their own opinions on the matter. However, what remains unavoidably clear is that accepting refugees comes at a steep risk to Western countries.

Already, Germany is besieged by countless assaults, thefts, property destruction, rapes and various sexual assaults. Paris has already been attacked by terrorists who have exploited the West’s generous border policies. And those who seem to clamor the loudest for Europeans and Americans to open themselves up to danger are the ones who will be the most protected and the most-distanced from the problems they seek to create.

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