To this Father who Drowned his Infant Son in Public, that Black Life Didn’t Matter

Image: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

This is a horrible and sad case of the fact that life is not valued in this country and, for this black father, the life of his 3-month-old black son did not matter. To make the murder of this young child at the hands of his father even worse, the father drowned his son in public as witnesses watched in horror.

Sean A. Flowers, Jr. is 25-years old and facing potential homicide charges after drowning his 3-month old son, Sean A. Flowers III in a public pond in Milwaukee. He is currently being held without bail after being taken into custody.

Robert Amstadt witnessed the drowning from his apartment window and described it as “the most evil thing I’ve ever seen.” Flowers reportedly had gotten into an argument with the boy’s mother while family and friends were gathered near the water. Suddenly, he grabbed his son, jogged towards the water, then sat down in the water with the baby on his lap. The water was up to his chest.  Amstadt said, “That baby cried all the way out into the water. Then the crying stopped.”

A family member, according to witnesses, desperately tried to get the baby from Flowers with no success. Amstadt said, “He was pleading, ‘Let the baby go, give me the baby.'” The situation get even worse from there resulting in the baby’s death.

“I yelled at him ‘where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’ a man identified as Joey Griffin told Fox6 News. “And then I saw a baby floating in the water. I grabbed it. I tried to swim away with it. He lunged at me and took the baby again and swam farther, deeper,” the witness said.

Officers ran into the pond in an effort to rescue the boy, but the father was no longer holding him. Police arrested the suspect and began searching for the child, who was found unconscious within minutes, the department said in a statement.

Amstadt said he heard an argument outside then looked out to see a man carrying a baby in the air with a woman yelling, “Give me back my baby!” At that point, Amstadt said,  It was a hornet’s nest of people moving around … crying and screaming,” He called 911 when he saw Flowers yank the baby’s arm away from someone who tried to take the child from him. Sadly, by the time authorities arrived, the boy was dead.

In 2015, a domestic violence restraining order petition was filed against Flowers. The restraining order was denied and the case dismissed, however, after he was not served the restraining order properly.

Now, a young, innocent 3-month old black boy is dead, murdered by his own black father.

To Sean A. Flowers, Jr. the life of his infant son did not matter.

h/t Journal Sentinel 

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