‘Fauxcahontas’ Elizabeth Warren Goes on Hate-Filled, Sexist Twitter Rant Against Mike Pence

Phony American Indian Elizabeth Warren, who abused laws designed to help minorities for personal gain, went on an unhinged and hateful Twitter rant against newly named Republican vice presidential running mate to Donald Trump, conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Fauxcahontas is obviously auditioning for a VP slot in a Hillary Clinton administration, trying to prove that she can be Hillary’s progressive communist pit bull that will keep her hands clean in a general election against Donald Trump.

Hey, Lizzy. Don’t you know in today’s progressive wonderland of “gender fluidity,” it’s politically incorrect to call them “men?”

Setting aside Warren’s inability to live up to her own communist ideals, “Justified” actor Nick Searcy gave the absolute best response to Warren, noting the absurd claim that she’s 1/32 Native American.

Searcy coined perhaps an even better nickname than Pocahontas or Fauxcahontas — “Lieawatha!” Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?


Now, look at this science denier! Why does Fauxcahontas hate science and statistics?

And here’s a serious lesson for all conservatives and Christians, including Mike Pence, who caved into anti-Christ leftists and gave up on religious liberty in Indiana.

The left is not going to love you, Mike, just because you give them everything they want. They will always come back for more.

Latest evidence:

You see, “marriage equality” means changing the meaning of the word “marriage” into something it is not — something different from what it has been for thousands of years.

And then there’s this: Protecting First Amendment rights to religious liberty — what this country was founded upon — is somehow viewed as discriminatory to Warren and the Democrat Party’s favorite voting bloc: deviants and perverts.

No, Lizzy, we’re just trying to keep feminazis from murdering their children. Stop promoting the mass slaughter of babies, especially black babies, you racist!

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