FemiNazis Freak Out After Bernie Sanders Says He’s an ‘Honorary Woman’

When it comes to dealing with the perpetually-offended “victim class,” one must walk a thin line of acceptability. If one rejects their gripes, that person is a “bigot,” a “misogynist,” a “homophobe” or any other variety of unpleasant labels.

If a person outside the victim class embraces the plight of these delicate flowers, they will be cheered. However, if they thoroughly embrace the cause, there is always a strong backlash to the tune of “No, you may sympathize, but you do not know what it means to be black/a woman/homosexual/etc.”

In order to be in these clubs, one must be born in the club.

That’s why Bernie Sanders’ recent claim to be an “honorary woman” has radical feminists in an uproar. While it’s clear that some appreciate Sanders’ pandering, some have pushed-back to remind him that he does not know how “tough” women have it in today’s society filled with microaggressions and other made-up slights.

At a town hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sanders told a crowd on Thursday that he considers himself a “strong feminist” and is an “honorary woman,” a title allegedly bestowed upon him by feminist radical Gloria Steinem.

“I consider myself a strong feminist,” Sanders told a young woman. “And in fact, Gloria Steinem — everybody knows Gloria is one of the leading feminists in America — made me an honorary woman many, many years ago.”

“I don’t know exactly what that meant, but I accepted it when she came to campaign for me,” Sanders noted.

As if the pandering was not embarrassing enough, now femiNazis have emerged from the woodwork with the aforementioned reaction, asserting that Sanders cannot understand what it means to be a woman in this supposedly sexist society.

NARAL Pro-Choice, an abortion and women’s rights group, released a statement blasting Sanders and asserting that only one presidential candidate knows what women need- Hillary Clinton.

You know, the woman who defended her sexual predator husband by waging a smear campaign against any who dared to accuse him of misconduct.

NARAL Pro-Choice stated:

“Bernie Sanders had a couple key moments in tonight’s Democratic Town Hall to demonstrate that he has earned the ‘honorary woman’ title he touts from Gloria Steinem, and he missed them. Bernie is a good man, and being a woman means understanding that we need equal pay but that equal pay doesn’t buy us much if we can’t plan our families. Being a woman means knowing that undoing Citizens United doesn’t secure our fundamental freedoms and restore abortion access under assault daily by anti-choice forces in this country. Being a woman means understanding that no man ever had to say ‘Hey guys, let’s stand together, and vote for a man’ because the status quo in this country has supported that for over two hundred years. Even as an ‘honorary woman,’ Bernie Sanders doesn’t quite get it, and there is only one person in this race who does—and has the experience to break down those barriers—Hillary Clinton.”

Yes, yes, we got it: everybody’s a victim and we should be far less concerned about policies and issues than who has the “correct” plumbing…

The Democrats are currently saddled with a devout socialist with tangible, applicable ideas for our nation and another who is currently the focus of no less than four federal investigations and whose only apparent attribute is that she possesses no Y chromosome.

The state of politics in America is abysmal and embarrassing.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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