Fidel Castro Says U.S. Owes Cuba Millions in Reparations. Will Obama Agree?

President Obama and his ideological ally, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, have hammered-out a deal that would normalize the relationship between the longtime foes. With a long, sordid history of oppression and human rights violations, Castro’s regime has served as a sore subject for the millions of Cuban-Americans who were able to flee the communist regime. Obama’s inexplicable desire to let bygones be bygones with the despotic regime has, for many, rubbed salt in a wound that has festered for 50+ years.

Though the U.S. appears to gain little, if anything, from the thawing of tensions with the communist regime, the Obama State Department is set to re-open the embassy in Havana on Friday.

Though Castro and his equally-despotic brother, Raul, should be overjoyed at the prospect of finally seeing a relief from the economic sanctions that have been in place since the height  of the Cold War, Fidel Castro claims that the lifting of sanctions is not good enough and that the U.S. owes his country millions of dollars for the economic toll the sanctions took.

In an op-ed published on Thursday, Castro wrote in a piece entitled “La Realidad y los Sueños” (Reality and Dreams),

“Cuba is owed compensation equivalent to the amount of damage done, which amounts to many millions of dollars as our country has shown with irrefutable arguments and data presented over the years to the United Nations.”

Castro has also demanded that the U.S. hand-over our base in Guantanamo Bay and insisted that in return, they are prepared to offer “nothing.”

Castro asserts that the U.S. owes his thugocracy, but in truth, the Castro regime owes more than $7 billion to American interests who lost their property when the Cuban dictator seized control of the island and the foreign interests on the island.

Frances Martel at Breitbart breaks-down the debt owed the U.S.:

The Castros’ riches were in large part amassed through the violent theft of approximately $7 billion in American assets in the years following the Cuban Revolution. The Joint Corporate Committee on Cuban Claims, an organization working to advocate for the rights of those U.S. citizens who lost their property and assets in Cuba, estimates that the government stole $1.8 billion in funds, which represents “only the principal value of private property at the time it was seized.” Spanish newspaper El Pais has found that this total, adjusted for inflation, represents $7 billion owed to nearly 6,000 American individuals and companies. The corporations hurt by this mass theft include Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Exxon, and Texaco.

This sum does not include the millions stolen from Cuban citizens, much of which is now owed to U.S. citizen descendants of those who had their properties stolen. While attorneys like Nicolas Gutierrez have tried to represent Cuban-Americans in using legal methods to retrieve their property, these efforts have been entirely unsuccessful. Since announcing the legitimization of the regime in December, President Obama has yet to mention the money the Cuban communist regime owes U.S. citizens.

The leader of the communist regime also postured as a champion of human rights, writing that Cuba will never stop “fighting for the peace and well-being of all human beings, regardless of the skin color and country of origin of every inhabitant on the planet.”

To be able to justify the deal with Cuba, the Obama State Department overruled several top UN experts and greatly downplayed the role Cuba plays in human trafficking in their annual report to the UN.

While the assertion that the U.S. owes Cuba anything, much less monetary compensation is outright absurd, the sad fact is that if Castro pushes hard enough, he very well may receive financial compensation from the U.S. government as President Obama is desperate to appease any and all foreign despots as a means of securing a supposed legacy for himself as he transitions from the Oval Office.

Though he saves his toughest talk for Republicans here at home, President Obama has caved continuously on matters of a global importance. In Syria, Russia, Iran and Cuba, Obama has allowed the U.S. to be steamrolled with barely a whimper or a tangible benefit for the U.S.

It seems Castro has learned the trick to dealing with Obama: Simply makes demands and they will be met.

Should Fidel expect a check in the mail? If history is any indication, yes.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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