Finally! College President REFUSES to Negotiate on #BlackLivesMatter Thugs’ List of Demands

For months, Americans have been under siege by radicals and racists who assert that it should be the responsibility of academic institutions to bow to their incredibly-racist demands. In countless schools across the nation, these institutions of higher learning have been subjected to racial extortion as black supremacists rant and rave and disrupt as a means of securing preferential treatment based on their skin color.

One college administrator, when faced with a 14-page long list of demands, has had enough. He has decided that he will do what no other college administrator has done: stand-up to the race-hustlers.

On Thursday, Marvin Krislov, the president of Oberlin College, announced that he would not negotiate with the racial extrotionsists who offered a 14-page long list of “non-negotiable” demands which included such things as the creation of “special, segregated black-only ‘safe-spaces’ across campus,” and an $8.20 an hour stipend to be paid to organizers of black student protests.

Because according to these racists, not only should the campus be segregated, but those disrupting the learning process should be paid to do so…

In a response posted on Oberlin’s website, Krislov made it clear that he would not be shaken-down.

“Some of the solutions it proposes are deeply troubling,” Krislov wrote. “I will not respond directly to any document that explicitly rejects the notion of collaborative engagement. Many of its demands contravene principles of shared governance. And it contains personal attacks on a number of faculty and staff members who are dedicated and valued members of this community.”

“Our outstanding faculty and staff provide an education second to none,” he wrote. “Their teaching, scholarship, research, musicianship, artistry, advising and mentoring benefit our students during their undergraduate careers and throughout their lives.”

The list of demands is startling and ends with the clarification that they have provided “demands and not suggestions. If these demands are not taken seriously, immediate action from the Africana community will follow.”

InsideHigherEd reports on the demands:

The 14-page list of demands at Oberlin was detailed and contained many controversial items. Among other things, it demanded the immediate firing of some Oberlin employees, the immediate tenuring of some faculty members, specific curricular changes, a review and possible revision of the grading system (to be overseen by students), the creation of “safe spaces” for black students in at least three buildings on campus, the creation of a program to enroll recently released prisoners from a nearby prison as undergraduates, divestment from Israel, and a requirement that black student leaders be paid $8.20 an hour for their organizing efforts.

The students also demanded changes at Oberlin’s noted conservatory. For instance, the list of demands said that students should not be required to take “heavily based classical courses that have minimal relevance to their jazz interests.” Stating that classical music students are not required to study jazz, the list of demands says that students of jazz “should not be forced to take courses rooted in whiteness.”

The full list of demands may be found here.

It is amazing that it took this long for an administrator to develop a backbone and refuse to yield to these bigoted radicals who seek to implement racism on a policy level in universities.

Hopefully, Krislov’s bravery will be infectious and other universities will realize that the loudest, most-absurd voices should not be rewarded for their disruption and deeply-troubling ideologies.

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Greg Campbell
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