Finger on the Button: Trump Retweets Nazi and Hitler Fan; Really

Earlier today, during a campaign event in Iowa, bombastic billionaire, reality TV star, and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said, as he referenced his poll numbers, that he is so popular he could kill someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City and not lose supporters. The way his supporters came to his defense proved that, sadly, Trump is likely right.

Can this man do no wrong or say no wrong, with every single disgusting and questionable attack from Trump receiving praise and admiration from those who sycophantically support him? If that’s the case, then try this on for size.

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump retweeted a tweet attacking fellow Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, depicting him standing in front of one of Trump’s buildings holding a sign encouraging people to vote for Trump. Even worse, the tweet came from an anti-Semitic, Hilter praising Twitter profile @WhiteGenocideTM, a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

In case it gets deleted, we took a screenshot directly from Trump’s Twitter feed.

Donald Trump Nazi Tweet

Just to give you a little insight into @WhiteGenocideTM, here is what you can find on his Twitter feed.

The account includes anti-Semitic imagery, quotes from Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and tweets deriding Martin Luther King Jr. Another photoshop creation depicts Trump, in a Nazi uniform, forcing Jewish Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders into a gas chamber.

Here is a screenshot from neo-Nazi sympathizer WhiteGenocideTM’s Twitter profile.

Donald Trump Retweets Nazi

Note, ‘TheGreatestStoryNeverTold.TV’ is a link to site about Adolph Hitler, the Nazi butcher who killed millions of Jews.

Screenshot 2016-01-23 at 9

Will Trump’s supporters continue to have their hands over their eyes and fingers in their ears so that they can remain oblivious to the highly questionable character of The Donald? Will they continue to deny Trump’s responsibility for his own words, blaming the reporting of his own actions as simply being anti-Trump?

If history is any indication, then that will precisely be their reaction as they continue to come to the defense of the ‘Amazing, Mr. Trump.’


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