Fiorina Says Anything to Get Elected; Accuses Candidate of Saying Anything to Get Elected

Fresh off of performing one of the worst — and that’s saying a lot — acts of pandering in the 2016 presidential campaign, the rooting for Iowa (the Iowa Caucus is the first official GOP presidential vote, on February 1st) over her alma mater, Stanford, in the Rose Bowl — easily attributed to a candidate who is willing to say anything to get elected, Carly Fiorina went into full projection mode, saying that surging constitutional conservative Ted Cruz will say anything to get elected.

Let’s just think about this, what could be bigger pandering than suddenly becoming a “fan” of the team that is opposing the college that you attended, especially when that state’s vote is right around the corner?

Needless to say, the reaction to Fiorina’s pandering, which rivals Hillary Clinton’s infamous “Hispandering,” got a fiery pushback on Twitter, including this gem which sent the message that the presidential candidate may have just verbally and politically urinated on herself:

On Sunday, Carly Fiorina had the outright gall to project her willingness to say absolutely anything to get elected, to accuse Ted Cruz of somehow doing the same, without any evidence to prove it.

“We’ll see if Ted Cruz has the nomination locked up, but I would say that Ted Cruz is just like any other politician,” Fiorina argued.

Except that Ted Cruz has stood on the Senate floor — standing alone — and called out his own party leadership, specifically RINO Senate Majority “Leader” Obama’s Mitch McConnell as a liar.

Except when Ted Cruz was fighting tooth and nail to repeal Obamacare, when Fiorina stood with the corrupt GOP establishment, including John “Bendover Boehner, in condemning Cruz’s efforts to stop Obamacare.

“He says whatever he need to say to get elected,” Fiorina argued.

Does Carly Fiorina mean when a ballsy Ted Cruz stood before Iowa farmers and vowed to stop federal government ethanol farming subsidies to Iowa farmers?

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One thing Ted Cruz hasn’t done is switch teams for votes.


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