FIREWORKS! Glenn Beck Confronts Grover Norquist About his Islamic Ties

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On Thursday, Glenn Beck ran a special on The Blaze focused on Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist. Hailed by some as a conservative hawk with a keen eye on taxes, others see Norquist’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as direct ties to individuals involved with terrorism, as a huge problem and a danger to America. Beck  is one who believes that Norquist’s ties to Islam and Muslim terrorists is beyond troubling; it’s extremely dangerous.

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]Initially, Norquist would appear based upon a slew of conditions, Beck said on his radio program. When Beck would not agree, Norquist’s people failed to contact him. In the end, Norquist did finally agree to appear on the show in order to defend himself against accusations that he is “an agent of influence” for radical Islamists.

One of the focal points of the discussion was the Islamic Free Market Institute established by Norquist nearly 20 years ago. In his work with the Institute, Norquist accepted money from at least 2 individuals who are now imprisoned on terrorism charges.

One person in particular who Beck mentioned was Abdurahman Alamoudi who is serving a 23-year prison sentence for terrorism. Alamoudi had also helped raise money for al Qaeda. Norquist’s organization took $20,000 from him and Beck wanted answers about their cozy relationship. Norquist claimed that he didn’t know at the time that Alamoudi was radicalized.

“He worked with the Pentagon for crying out loud,” Norquist said. “He traveled evidently for USAID or the State Department. … He is somebody who was, at that point, people thought or said he was an OK guy.”


But Norquist said after Alamoudi voiced support for Hamas and Hezbollah in 2000, he and his partner at the Islamic Free Market Institute Khaled Saffuri made it clear that Alamoudi was no longer welcome at their events. Norquist said it is not true that his organization sponsored the event where Alamoudi made the inflammatory comments, but that an intern signed them up without permission.


“Somebody was claiming that we got him to the White House and stuff like that,” Norquist added. “Not true. … He certainly wasn’t ever encouraged to go by me.”


“If I take you at face value, you’re the most unlucky person … I’ve ever met in my life,” Beck said. “Only Barack Obama is this unlucky with a string of friends who are radicals.”

Continuing with the focus on questionable affiliations by Norquist, Glenn challenged him to explain his interactions with yet another known terrorist supporter, former Florida college professor Sami al-Arian. Norquist claimed that the accusations that he was close to Arian were unfounded and not true, based only upon the fact they both opposed secret evidence. Arian gave Norquist an award for his stance, an award that, according to Arian, former CIA chief James Worsley also received.

After Norquist stated that Worlsey is a good guy, Beck shared with him that during a conversation he had with Worsley, he learned that Worsley actually believes that Norquist is a very dangerous man. Beck also let Norquist know that he believes his ties with Arian runs deeper than he is letting on given the number of times Arian visited the office for the Islamic Free Market Institute in D.C., which actually shares office space with his group Americans for Tax Reform.

Norquist brushed off those visits with a lame excuse that someone said he was dropping off a flyer or something. Beck was not buying it, again facetiously commenting on the ‘unlucky streak’ of Norquist.

When asked if he paid back the money that the terrorist Alamoudi gave him, Norquist again was short on answers and long on feigning ignorance. He said, “I believe so. Khaled organized it. But if it was a loan, then it was paid back.” Norquist was referring to his partner at the Islamic Free Market Institute Khaled Saffuri.

Beck, obviously losing patience, retorted, “That’s right, I forgot that you weren’t really involved. I don’t have my friends who run things for me take checks from terrorists, and I don’t have other terrorists come stopping by my offices to drop by literature. It doesn’t happen to most people. But I’m not you.”

They say you should judge a person by the company they keep. Given a pattern of questionable affiliations, how do you think Grover Norquist should be judged?

WATCH the exchange between Grover Norquist and Glenn Beck on charges that Norquist took money from a terrorist.


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