The Five Words Mike Pence Said About Ted Cruz That Will Infuriate Trump Supporters

On Wednesday night during his speech at the Republican National Convention, Texas Senator Ted Cruz didn’t outright endorse Donald Trump. The Trump campaign knew that Cruz wasn’t going to endorse him and, according to witnesses, used the failure to endorse to orchestrate massive booing of Cruz as he talked about freedom and the Constitution. In fact, it was so well orchestrated that Donald Trump walked into the room just as the booing began.

It wasn’t enough for Trump supporters and the controlists in the RNC that Cruz congratulated Trump, spoke about party unity, pushed for many of Trump’s policies and encouraged people to not stay at home in November but rather get out and vote their conscience based upon unifying principles. No, that wasn’t enough.

Ted Cruz had to endorse the man who insulted his wife, threatened his wife, accused his father of being complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and whose close friend and adviser were responsible for a hit piece accusing Cruz of multiple affairs with no proof, pure speculation.

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Donald Trump, Jr. maligned Cruz during an interview with Sean Hannity by saying the party came together by booing Cruz.

But, not all within the Trump campaign had the same animosity, anger, and downright vitriol towards Cruz. During an interview with FOX News, vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, who endorsed Ted Cruz prior to the Indiana Primary, said five words that may just get him in hot water with Trump and his followers.

“I was glad he came.”

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So, why was Pence glad that Ted Cruz came? It wasn’t because he relished in the booing. It wasn’t because he was glad Trump’s henchmen were able to whip up boos and work to turn the crowd against Cruz. It wasn’t because he was relishing in any damage Cruz may have done to his political career by standing on principle. No, that wasn’t it at all.

Mike Pence said he was glad he came because he believes it showed party unity.

“What you’re seeing is a party that’s coming together, there’s always going to be differences and nuances in the way people express that.”

Too bad Donald Trump, his family, the RNC, and those in the crowd who showed Democrat-style mob-like tendencies didn’t feel the same.


Cruz was expected to just let it go and get on the Trump Train. People had no expectation for Trump to apologize for his heinous personal attacks against Ted Cruz and his family “for the good of the country and party unity.” No, it was all on Cruz to just condone Trump’s disgusting attacks.

Nevermind the fact, also, that Trump took back his pledge to support the nominee, if he ended up not winning. He gets a pass on that, too.  And let’s not forget that Trump said publicly that he didn’t want Cruz’s endorsement and could care less whether Cruz supporters backed him. That’s all irrelevant.

As Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort said, “This is no longer the Republican Party. This is the Trump Party.”

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