This 2010 Campaign Ad is Reason Enough to #RetireMcCain on Tuesday

RINO John McCain and primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward

On Tuesday, August 30, Arizona voters will again decide whether to re-elect RINO John McCain , 80, to yet another term in the U.S. Senate.

As has been the norm since 1987 when Hillary Clinton’s favorite Republican replaced legendary conservative Senator Barry Goldwater, McCain spends five of his six-year term voting like a liberal Democrat, and the final year in office, sounding like the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

The big-moneyed McCain, funded by rich cronies like those in his phony front group, the Arizona Grassroots Action super PAC, which is anything but “grassroots,” has done this cycle what he always does — hide from the voters in order to avoid having to defend his Nancy Pelosi-like voting record — while spending millions on a personal character assassination of his opponent.

In this case, you can’t go to a conservative website without seeing the attack ads smearing former Arizona State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, his main primary opponent, with Trump-like nicknames like “Chemtrail Kelli.”

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McCain, of course, is absent from the ads that fill the internet and the airwaves, apparently lacking the courage to levy the insults himself, because he depends on others to do his dirty tricks for him.

In 2010, when John McCain was also seeking re-election, he duped Arizona voters by promising to “complete the danged fence,” referring to the border that separates Arizona from the porous Mexican border.

Instead of building the “danged fence,” McCain immediately betrayed Arizona voters by pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, joining liberal Democrats in the ill-conceived “Gang of Eight” amnesty plan — precisely the opposite of what he campaigned on, as you can see from this 2010 ad done with Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu.

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Arizona voters deserve better than a big government RINO who was embarrassingly censured by the Arizona GOP — his own party — for his liberal Democrat voting record.

Kelli Ward is a constitutional conservative who will not vote for endless debt ceiling increases and will not “reach across the aisle to give liberals everything they desire.

Dr. Kelli Ward wouldn’t have voted to fund Obamacare, Obama’s illegal amnesty, or the anti-American, pro-terrorism Obama-Kerry Iran Deal, a treasonous scheme that gives the terrorist state $150 billion in new terrorism funding.

Unlike McCain, Ward actually will fight to secure the U.S. border and to stop the illegal immigration problem that has hurt the state McCain pretends to represent.

Instead of representing the Arizona voters, McCain has represented his U.S. Chamber of Crony Capitalism special interests as well as Saudi Arabia, which is why he continues to push the narrative that Islam is somehow a “religion of peace.”

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Not counting McCain’s massive super PAC advantage, McCain has outspent Ward by roughly six times. And while McCain is despised by grassroots conservatives in the state, millions of dollars in lies and smears have been enough to keep uninformed voters pulling the lever for him on election day.

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Arizona voters have another chance to do the right thing on Tuesday. Vote for Dr. Kelli Ward. America is on the wrong path and John McCain has been at the wheel for far too long.

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Matthew K. Burke
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