FLASHBACK: The Video Vindictive Hillary Does Not Want You to See


Hillary Clinton has tried to reinvent herself as being a champion for women when the reality is the only woman she truly gives a crap about is herself. Anyone else is used simply for her to obtain two things that she craves – money and power. (I guess you could say that she does care about her daughter Chelsea, or at least helping her achieve money and power in the name of the ‘Clinton brand.’)

It is laughable that Hillary and the Democrats would have the audacity to accuse Republicans of a ‘war on women’ when Hillary herself was an integral part of the war on women, specifically her husband’s accusers and victims.

Although Hillary and her supporters love to say that her husband’s actions have nothing to do with her, the fact of the matter is that it does because she was an integral part of the cover-up and attempted destruction of the women who said they were sexually abused or sexually harassed by Bill, also known as Slick Willy.

A video of Hillary from January 1998 has resurfaced just in time to remind people what a manipulative, conniving, and vindictive liar she is. She will crush anyone and anything who gets in her way. She’ll also make up lies, such as blaming the “vast right wing conspiracy” for trying to bring her husband down when in reality it was her husband taking his pants down and much more.

Hillary and the Democrats do not want  you to see this admission to her role in the “nuts and sluts” campaign, the war she waged against her husband’s victims to discredit them and disparage their name. That’s why we need to make sure that everyone is reminded of who Hillary Clinton truly is.

h/t Right Wing News

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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