FLASHBACK: Hillary Portrays Herself as Santa Claus [VIDEO]

During this election cycle, Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to portray herself, laughably I might add, as a moderate Democrat who has great respect for the system of government put in place by the Founding Fathers. She is desperately trying to hide the fact that she is a radical Saul-Alinsky disciple who believes that big government is the answer to all life’s woes.

Those who have not been paying attention to Hillary’s soaring, contradictory rhetoric may just be duped by her “Stronger Together” campaign theme as being simply perhaps a reference to the American spirit. Instead, if you loo at her history, her policies, and her core beliefs, it really is a hat tip and reference to the communistic language of “the collective.”

Hillary doesn’t believe in the power of the individual or even the power and importance of family. She believes in big government being the savior for all and portrayed that sick notion during her campaign in 2008 when she was trying to out-Alinsky another Saul Alinsky disciple, Barack Obama.

In this ad, Hillary portrays herself as Santa Claus passing out “gifts” of big government programs as if the money to support them will just fall off of trees. She literally tried to wrap up socialism/communism/Marxism and tie it with a nice pretty bow to make it look more appealing. In order to make her message more palatable, she threw in “bring our troops home.”

This video is clear evidence that Hillary Clinton would be the third term of Barack Obama. While Leftists may argue that’s a good thing citing the bogus unemployment statistics from the Obama regime, the reality is that more people are out of the workforce under Obama. Obamacare is failing with health care exchanges shutting down and people seeing horrific, wallet-busting increases in their costs.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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