FLASHBACK: Legendary Philosopher Deputy Barney Fife on Income Taxes

Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show. Image Credit: Screenshot via TV Land

Actor Don Knotts played one of the most beloved roles in TV sitcom folklore, the lovable and utterly incompetent Deputy Barney Fife of the long-running hit series The Andy Griffith Show, which can still be seen on the cable channel TV Land.

Even though Andy Griffith turned out to be a far-left liberal lunatic — at least in real life — with his unfortunate decision to be used as an Obama propagandist to promote Obamacare — leading to the end of the best healthcare system on the planet, at least Barney Fife wasn’t a leftist, at least on the series, and especially in one episode.

He was an average, everyday American who gets his paycheck and is aghast at the myriad of automatic withdrawals the government siphons from our paychecks.

In this episode, Barney walks in the sheriff’s office, appropriately bitching and moaning, as millions of Americans still do decades later, after looking at their paychecks and paystubs and realizing the heavy mob-like take the government confiscates — without choice — from the paychecks of hardworking Americans.

Watch below as Barney disgustingly looks at his paycheck and proclaims himself “Barney Sucker” for laying down while the government steals the fruits of his labor.

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Hopefully, in 2016, America can elect a president who will abolish the IRS and put us on a pathway to the FairTax which would allow Americans to keep 100% of the money that they earn.


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Matthew K. Burke
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