FLASHBACK to When Democrats Defended Religious Liberty, Not Attacked It

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Back in 1993, Democrats not only believed in the Constitutional guarantee of religious liberty, they defended it. This was clearly evidenced when then-President Bill Clinton signed into law a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Prominent current vocal opponents to Indiana’s RFRA were a mere 22 years ago vehement defenders of religious freedom.

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]New York Senator Chuck Schumer sponsored the federal RFRA in 1993. Before the House, Schumer boldly stated, “The American people today know that religious freedom is not a luxury but a basic right of a free people.” After Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a Republican, signed the initial RFRA into law, a law that was changed days later under pressure from progressive bullies to actually attack religious freedom rather than restore it, Schumer tweeted the following.

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Based upon Schumer’s previous words, is he sending the message that religious freedom is no longer a basic right, despite what the Constitution says, or that Americans are no longer a free people?

But, Schumer wasn’t the only Democrat who now attacks religious freedom, despite swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution, who once celebrated and defended it. Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer joined in on the chorus of intolerant people who distorted the Indiana RFRA in their blatant attack on religious freedom.

In 1993, Hoyer’s stance regarding religious liberty was quite different. Had he said the following words today, he would likely be accused of being a right-wing bigot.

To restore freedom is always timely. To restore, in particular, the rights that Americans hold so sacred under the First Amendment, and in particular, the right to practice their religion as they see fit. After all, it was that right that was hallmarked at the founding of this country. It was that right, in many respects, that made us unique in the world.

Although as First Lady in 1993, Hillary Clinton did not chastise her husband, Bill,  for signing the federal RFRA into law, she had some sharp criticism for Pence for doing the same in Indiana.

She had similar criticism for the governor of Arkansas when the legislature sent an RFRA bill to his desk days later. Once again, she distorted the law. But, like all good Democrats, she does not let facts get in the way of her agenda.

Instead, she stood by her husband and did not utter a word of opposition when Bill Clinton made this statement standing up for people of faith.

What this law basically says is that the government should be held to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone’s free exercise of religion… I would like to come down on the side of everybody to act on what they believe is the right thing to do… [Stephen Carter’s book “The Culture of Disbelief”] makes a compelling case that today, Americans of all political persuasions and all regions have created a climate in this country in which some people believe that they are embarrassed to say that they advocate a course of action simply because they believe it is the right thing to do — because they believe it is dictated by their faith, by what they discern to be, with their best efforts, the will of God… It is high time we had an open, and honest reaffirmation of the role of American citizens of faith… We are a people of faith. We have been so secure in that faith, that we have enshrined in our Constitution protections for people who profess no faith, and good for us for doing so. But let us never believe that the freedom of religion imposes on any of us some responsibility to run from our convictions. Let us instead, respect one another’s faiths, fight to the death to preserve the right of every American to practice whatever convictions he or she has. But bring our values back to the table of American discourse to heal our troubled land.

How far the Democrats have fallen. In just 22 years, Democrat leaders have gone from defending religious freedom to attacking it in an attempt to strip Christian Americans of their First Amendment rights. But, that’s what happens when people’s views, as clearly demonstrated by Democrats, are based not upon principle, but rather by sticking their finger in the wind to determine what they believe in that day.

They have a word for that. Hypocrite.

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Jennifer Burke
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