FLASHBACK: Top Democrats Caught Praising FBI Director They Now Despise [VIDEO]

After a love affair with FBI director James Comey after his July announcement where he revealed that he would not recommending pressing charges against Hillary Clinton for her illegal secret email server, Democrats spent the weekend re-creating Comey as the anti-Christ.

Democrats are insanely livid now at Comey following his Friday letter to both party leaders in Congress that newly Clinton emails were discovered — reportedly as many as 650,000 — on the computer jointly owned by Hillary’s right-hand woman Huma Abedin and her progressively perverted husband, former Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner.

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After James Comey seemed to be letting Clinton off scot-free for crimes others would be prosecuted over in July, Democrats roundly displayed heaps of love and affection and many thanks go to the Washington Free Beacon for the following video showing several top Democrats in their height of hypocrisy.

Among those shown are Nancy Pelosi , who called James Comey “a great man” and said that as a country “we are very privileged to have him,” and Harry Reid who said that, “No one can question the integrity, the competence” of James Comey.

Now, Pelosi is singing a different tune. “The public interest would be served by the FBI providing the facts, rather than allowing Republicans to stoke innuendo and falsehoods 11 days away from a presidential election,” she said in a statement.

Rep. Elijah Cummings honored Comey for his “independence” and “integrity” and “honesty” after Comey’s July announcement.

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Fast forward and Cummings is basically accusing James Comey of being a tool of Vladimir Putin and the Russians. My how quickly things change!

Harry Reid is now painting Comey as a political hack and a law-breaker, breaking his own rule that no one should question Comey’s “integrity” or “competence.”

Other great snippets of hypocrisy are included as well, including Hillary’s VP pick, Senator Tim Kaine.


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