Former Congressman CRUSHES Obama for Skipping Scalia’s Funeral: ‘Un-American Ass!’ [VIDEO]

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“Barack Obama, what an ass you are! You won’t go to Antonin Scalia’s funeral? What a disrespectful, arrogant, immature anti-American ass you are!” ~ Joe Walsh

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, now a conservative radio talk show host, laid into Obama for his unprecedented decision to skip Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral, possibly to play golf.

An appropriately enraged Joe Walsh asked the questions millions of perplexed Americans must be asking themselves about Obama’s disrespectful snub against Justice Scalia, the longest serving Supreme Court Justice, who unexpectedly died last week.

“Barack Obama, what an ass you are!” Walsh began. “You won’t go to Antonin Scalia’s funeral? What a disrespectful, arrogant, immature anti-American ass you are!” Walsh shouted in outrage.

“Why aren’t you gonna go?” the former congressman asked. “Are you golfing? The entire country wants to know and your White House won’t say why. They won’t say whether you’re golfing or not.”

Walsh then went into a list of potential possibilities why Obama may have decided to not attend Scalia’s funeral, including because he was white, Italian-American, and loved the very Constitution Obama has spent the last seven years bastardizing.

“Why would you not go to this funeral? Is it because Scalia is white? Is it because Scalia was Italian-American? Is it because Antonin Scalia so adored, so loved that Constitution, that you abhor?” Joe Walsh asked.

“You know, it makes me sick every day to wake up in a country with a president who dislikes — who so dislikes — America,” Walsh revealed. “You’re not my president and you’ve proved that once again.”

“All it would take is an hour,” Walsh continued. “One hour to represent all of us to pay all of our respects to this giant of a Supreme Court Justice that you’re not even qualified to run errands for. What an ass you are. Once again, you make me and so much of this country ashamed that you’re our president,” he proclaimed.


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