Former GE CEO Jack Welch Explains Why the GOP Establishment Hates Ted Cruz [VIDEO]

“Ted Cruz is on fire,” Neil Cavuto began in his interview with legendary former GE CEO Jack Welch, who Cavuto referred to as “one of the 100 greatest CEO’s of all-time.”

The “Your World with Neil Cavuto” host reckoned back to an earlier conversation with Welch, months ago before Cruz entered the race, but was rumored to, when he was considered more of an “afterthought afterthought.”

“Lo and behold, Jack Welch, former GE CEO said there was something in the passion he [Ted Cruz] delivers, the crowds this guy gets, and the succinct way he gets to the point that was something to watch,” Cavuto continued before introducing Welch.

“What did you see then and what do you see now?” Cavuto asked Welch.

“The thing I like about Ted Cruz — clearly is — he says what he’s going to do…and he does it,” Welch answered. “I’ve written a book — as you know — and I always talk about truth and trust. Damn it! You say it and then you do it,” Welch asserted.

Welch then went on to explain why the GOP establishment hates Ted Cruz.

Now, he gets the ‘establishment’ upset — a lot of senators tell me they don’t like him — was with a senator this summer who said that he’s very much hated in that chamber — a Republican senator.

And I said because he doesn’t play ball with you guys and your handshakes with each other and the cartel. He calls it what [it is] a cartel…whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats.”

When Cavuto brought up a criticism of Cruz that he sticks to his principles too much and, therefore, is often not willing to compromise with the progressives in both parties, aka: “reaching across the isle, Welch answered:

“He [Ted Cruz] won the election in ’10. And he talked about Obamacare. And he said he was going to Washington and take it on — one of the worst pieces of legislation in history — it’s falling apart now in our hands — and he was right.

He wanted to shut the government down over it. He fought hard! He told the voters, ‘Vote for me and I’ll go do this.'”

“But Donald Trump said he’s a maniac,” Cavuto joked.

“Well, Donald Trump gave him a pat on the back last night,” Welch said, laughing out loud about Trump taking the remark back at the GOP Debate on Tuesday.

Welch then blasted the GOP leadership in the U.S. Senate, led by RINO Mitch McConnell, aka: “Obama’s Mitch,” saying that progressive leftist Democrat Harry Reid, the senate majority leader prior to the 2014 Republican landslide, might as well still be in charge.

“Ted Cruz is out there speaking the truth…We’re all tired of these back-room deals. Republicans, we won the elections in ’10 and ’14. Harry Reid might as well as stayed there in ’14 and ’16 running the Senate,” Welch told Cavuto. “We didn’t get beans!”

Jack Welch goes on to beautifully slam the leftstream media, specifically Politifact, a leftist fact-checker, saying with hyperbole that “they should be arrested,” as well as commenting on this week’s decision by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates for the first time in several years.


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Matthew K. Burke
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