Former Navy Pilot and Current Congressman SLAMS ‘Despicable’ Marco Rubio Attack Against Ted Cruz

As Ted Cruz has soared in the polls as of late, Marco Rubio has went on the attack, desperately and unbelievably trying to paint Cruz as weak on national defense, since Cruz fought against Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional spying on all Americans without a search warrant, an anti-freedom tactic Rubio supports.

Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), a former Navy aviator who flew combat missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, fired back at Marco Rubio’s “despicable” attacks against Ted Cruz in a new one-minute ad released on Saturday.

“I’m Congressman Jim Bridenstine. As a Navy pilot, I flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect both Americans and our Constitution. I just watched a despicable ad from one of Marco Rubio’s campaign supporters suggesting that Ted Cruz is weak on security,” Bridenstine, a favorite of the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution grassroots Tea Party movement, begins in the ad.

The “despicable” ad Congressman Bridenstine is referring to was published by pro-Rubio group American Encore on Nov. 23.

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Rep. Bridenstine hits Rubio squarely where perhaps his greatest weakness is, his past support of amnesty for illegal aliens, which ultimately weakens national security, while praising Cruz’s strong national security record.

“I have watched Ted Cruz boldly stand against President Obama’s appeasement of those who threaten our security, from Iran to ISIS to Russia.

Further, I have seen Ted Cruz stand up to both Obama and Marco Rubio when they joined to provide amnesty without border security.

The Rubio amnesty bill would have expanded the UN’s refugee resettlement program and give Obama authority to admit even more Syrian refugees.”

“Ted Cruz will rebuild our military, take the fight to the radical Islamic terrorists and never apologize for America. He will use every tool we have to win, but will never betray the very Constitution we are sworn to defend. Ted Cruz is ready to be our Commander-in-Chief,” Rep. Bridenstine concluded.


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Matthew K. Burke
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