Former Obama Supporter Turned Libertarian Schools the $15 Minimum Wage Advocates [VIDEO]

Eric July used to be a Democrat. In fact, he used to be what is typically referred to as a low-information voter. While in college in 2008, he campaigned for Barack Obama without knowing anything about his policies, beliefs, or background. All he knew was that Obama was black and a Democrat. That was enough for him.

Having grown up in poverty in a fatherless household, he says he was a gang banger in Dallas, but also did track and field. He earned a scholarship to the University of Memphis, and it was there that he worked to help get Obama elected in 2008, falling for the ‘hope and change’ and ‘let’s make history’ mantra. After he transferred to Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, his life, his outlook and his politics changed forever. He has Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, both famed economists, to thank for that.

Eric said after he read books by the two brilliant men and took economics courses, he realized he could no longer support the Democrat party.

“Once I read up on black economists like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, the more I thought critically. And as I thought critically, I realized there was no legitimate reason to support the Democratic Party. Though I grew up liberal, it took simply thinking for myself to realize that I have no reason to support them, or trust a big government. I went from being a socialist Democrat to a Libertarian.”

Eric, a rapper, dancer, and lead singer for the metal hip hop group BackWordZ, is an outspoken Libertarian who says he is tired of the way Democrats treat blacks and of the fact that far too many blacks fall for the lies and manipulation.

“I’ve grown sick and tired of Democrats treating black people like they’re stupid and cannot think for themselves…and I’m tired of black folks putting their trust in a party that does nothing for them.”

One of the ways he is trying to bring about real and powerful change is through breaking down basic economics for people so that they get it. In a video posted to Facebook titled “The Tired Silly Minimum Wage Debate,” Eric offers a powerful lesson on basic economic principles for those who are pushing for a $15 minimum wage.

He opens up the video by saying, “I’m so tired of the minimum wage debate. I’m so tired of having to explain to young people what capitalism is, how basic economics work, how wages work, so I’m going to explain it for the hundredth time.”

The video, which Eric posted to Facebook in July, is powerful and should be watched in its entirety and shared to help counter the lies being told by the Left who are simply using the demand for an increased minimum wage as a way to destroy capitalism.

Just to give you a small taste of the powerful nature of this video, here is what Eric says to those who push for a raised minimum wage based upon the argument that you can’t support a family on the current minimum wage.

“You’re not paid for your personal life. You’re paid for the value of your position as well as your ability to perform it. You’re not paid for your personal life and your butt hurt emotions, bro. You’re not paid for how much revenue the company is bringing in. You’re paid for the value of that position that you’re filling as well as your ability to perform it.”

If you found yourself nodding in agreement, maybe even saying “Yes!” out loud, then watch this video and be ready to find yourself cheering Eric and his economics lesson on.

h/t:  Allen West

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Jennifer Burke
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