FOX News Suspends Retired Lt. Col. for Calling Obama This Five-Lettered Word on LIVE TV [VIDEO]

Bob Beckel regularly threw f-bombs on FOX News, a FCC violation, without being suspended. But now FOX, a supposed alternative to the Democrat Media Complex, is rushing to the defense of treasonous, pro-Islamist Democrat president Obama, suspending two top contributors for saying naughty words about Obama on live television.

First, badass retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, a military expert who appears often on the “fair and balanced” network to give opinion on military and foreign relations matters, called Obama “a total pussy.” while appearing on the Fox Business Network to comment on Obama’s Sunday night presidential address that was dominated by rhetoric condemning America for discriminating against Muslims.

Peters brilliantly contended that Obama has done more damage to the police departments across America than he has even done to ISIS.

Peters, who I consider an American-Statesman, gave FOX Business’s Stuart Varney a spot-on, but yet politically incorrect assessment of Obama that probably had more to do with his suspension than using the “dreaded” p-word to describe our Agitator-in-Chief:

“This is a president who has done more harm to American police departments than he has done to Islamic State. This is a president who restrains our military. He uses it not to defeat ISIS, but for political cover. This is a president who doesn’t want to hurt our enemies. This is a president who cares more about thugs in Guantanamo, or thugs in Ferguson, Missouri, than he does about law-abiding American citizens and their right to live in safety and in peace.” 

Next, FOX News contributor Stacey Dash, a conservative black actress, was suspended for dropping the unadulterated truth bomb that Obama didn’t “give a sh*t about terrorism.”

Both Lt. Col. Peters and Dash were taken to the woodshed by FOX News management, which got on its knees and worshiped at the false progressive leftist god of political correctness.

“Earlier today, Fox contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air,” Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shine was quoted as saying by CNN. “FOX Business Network and FOX News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks.”

The fact of the matter is, Peters’ and Dash’s words are mild in comparison to what should be said about our treasonous Democrat president who cares more about offending radical Islamic terrorists than he does about defeating them.

Dash called Obama’s presidential address, the first he’s given since 2010, an “epic fail.”

“His speech should have had a lot more passion. Where is Winston Churchill when we need him?” Dash asked the panel on Outnumbered.

Whatever the topic, Obama always takes the most anti-American, anti-freedom position, both in action and in rhetoric.

Instead of being reprimanded, both Peters and Dash should have been rewarded for their patriotism and boldness with their own show.

Perhaps they could call it, “The Americans.”

*Note: In the videos below, Peters gets right to the point from the beginning. In the second video, the pertinent Stacey Dash comments are at the 5:30 mark.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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