FOX Sports and Rob Riggle Take a Shot at Donald Trump and the GOP [VIDEO]

I love football. After all, when you’re from Texas, football is king. All day on Sundays and on Monday nights when I was growing up, my family would gather in the living room to watch our beloved Houston Oilers (yeah, I’m showing my age) and whatever other team was playing that day. Back then, there was no such thing as NFL Sunday ticket. Nothing has changed for me. You will still find me watching football on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and any other special day the NFL has a game on.

My favorite pre-game football show to watch is on FOX NFL Sunday. Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, who have all won Super Bowls, and Curt Menefee are, in my opinion, the best commentators in the game not only for their experience and knowledge but also for their camaraderie. They laugh, have fun, and, at least, it appears, they genuinely like each other. Add comedian and retired Marine Rob Riggle to the mix and you have a great pre-show leading up to a day of football games.

So needless to say, I was a bit taken aback on Sunday morning while watching the guys on FOX NFL Sunday, specifically Rob Riggle’s skit.

With Sunday being the first Sunday of 2016, Riggle’s skit was entitled, “Remembering All We Lost in 2015.” In this skit, in true Riggle fashion, it was not exactly politically correct. He stands in front of a podium, as if he was presenting an award, and explains the purpose of the list.

“Well, another season is coming to an end, and I thought it was appropriate to take a moment to pay our respects to what was lost in 2015,” Riggles opined.

As part of his remembrance list of what was lost in 2015, Riggle had things such as Peyton Manning’s quarterback rating, understanding/agreeing what a catch is, and the childhood pets your parents said they sent to the farm. He even brought Bill Cosby, who was recently charged with sexual assault after a year of over 50 women coming forward accusing him of sexual assault,  into the mix with one of the things lost being Cosby Show reruns.

But, what really caught my eye was the thing listed at the 1:22 mark as being lost.


I understand that Riggle is a comedian. I love his skits and generally think they are hilarious. But, I admit after that dig, I was waiting for the flip side, you know, something about Democrats, like corrupt liar Hillary Clinton as their frontrunner, being challenged by an admitted socialist, Bernie Sanders — a laughing stock.

After all, they have a woman running for president who is not only under investigation by the FBI, but also tries to portray herself as a defender of women despite orchestrating the ‘nuts and sluts’ campaign to discredit the many women who have accused her husband of sexual assault, rape, and other sexual improprieties. The Democrats also have a crotchety old socialist running for president that is just fodder for jokes.

But, alas, the Democrats remained untouched.

Trump has received criticism from many as not really being a Republican with some going so far as to accuse him of working to undermine the Republican primary thereby handing the presidential election to his friend, Hillary Clinton.

Since rising to the top of the GOP presidential candidate pack with his comments about the need to stop illegal immigration, deport those here illegally, and build a wall at the southern border, Trump has been leading in the national polls daily. Whenever he says something that the Democrats and the establishment GOP believe will finally knock him down, it actually ends up having the opposite effect, lifting him up even more in the polls.

Were Riggle and FOX NFL Sunday taking a dig at Donald Trump as destroying the Republican party or were they calling the Republican party losers for having Trump as the frontrunner?

Watch the video and decide what you think.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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