France’s President Walks Away from Meeting When Iran’s President Makes This Demand…

In today’s America, the left is consumed by a relentless call for “tolerance.” This brand of “tolerance,” however, only extends to the victim-class.

Those who favor enforcing immigration laws, abiding by the Constitution and insisting upon religious freedom, however, are afforded as much respect by the left as a dog affords a fire hydrant.

Our nation’s delicate and “progressive” sensibilities have become so absurd that France’s leadership looks like principled hardliners by comparison.

Yes… France.

Though our president routinely praises the “religion of peace” that motivates a vast, relentless modern-day crusade enacting wholesale carnage through much of the world, France’s President, Francois Hollande, has stood-strong against demands by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to provide a halal meal for his visit- a meal in keeping with Muslim customs.

Namely, Rouhani, in Europe to sign contracts to make full use of the recent lifting of economic sanctions upon Iran, disrespected his host by insisting that if he is to sit-down to lunch with France’s President, he must remove wine from the menu, a beverage that is an integral part of France’s culture.

The Daily Mail reports:

A lunch between the French and Iranian presidents in Paris was scrapped today because France refused to remove wine from the menu.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has been on a tour of Europe, signing billions of pounds worth of business deals with different nations, after economic sanctions against the country were lifted.

He was due to dine with President Francois Hollande at an upmarket restaurant in the French capital.

The French insisted on serving local food and wine but the Iranians demanded a halal menu in keeping with their Muslim faith.

Hollande’s officials said preparing the meal to be ‘Iran friendly’ went against France’s republican values.

The Elysee Palace suggested a breakfast with Rouhani instead, but this was said to be snubbed by the Iranian leader for being ‘too cheap’.

Of course, though one could assume that Rouhani could simply choose to not imbibe, that is not how the intolerant religion works. Allowing others to live by their own code of conduct is simply intolerable to Islamic beliefs.

While our president shamefully groveled and even agreed to lift crippling economic sanctions from Iran, the largest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, in exchange for measly promises to slow their development of nuclear weapons, France’s President appears to have no problem quarreling with Iran’s high-handed leadership over menu items.

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