Frank Luntz Reveals the Line From the #GOPDebate that United Both Moderates and Conservatives [VIDEO]

Constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz had a line from the fifth GOP debate on which both conservatives and moderates can agree — that America is at war with radical Islamic terrorists and neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton has the will to defeat them.

Pollster Frank Luntz, appearing on FOX News’ The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, showed the line that united both conservates and moderates with an exact score on his approval lines of 88 out of a perfect 100, when constitutional conservative said:

“America is at war. Our enemy is not violent extremism. It is not some unnamed benevolent force. It is radical Islamic terrorism. We have a president who is unwilling to utter its name. 

The men and women on this stage — everyone of us — is better prepared to keep this nation safe than is Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. 

If I’m elected president, we will hunt down and kill the terrorists. 

We will utterly destroy ISIS.” 

The focus group described Ted Cruz as “believable, truthful, presidential and determined.”

“I want a word or phrase to describe Ted Cruz after tonight’s debate,” Luntz asked his post-debate audience.

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“Believable,” the first attendee answered.

“Truthful,” the next lady in attendance answered with confidence.

“Presidential,” answered the next man without hesitation.

“Determined,” was the next answer.

“On point” and “decisive” were the next two answers.

“Common sense foreign policy,” the next man answered elaborated.

“He was presidential, and I believed him,” the next woman in line answered.

And while those who would hold that Ted Cruz is “too conservative” for the general electorate (as they did Ronald Reagan who won in landslides), the numbers spoke otherwise:

Ted Cruz Frank Luntz

Other focus group debate watchers used the terms and phrases “definitive,” “commanding,” and “a clear rising star” to describe Ted Cruz’s debate performance on Tuesday, which featured nine Republican presidential candidates.

“I think Ted Cruz has a history of talking tough and he backed that up tonight,” said the first attendee when asked to expand on the positive comments from the first group commenting. “He looked at us as voters and said, ‘I will take care of ISIS.'”

“Is tough what you’re looking for?” Luntz asked the focus group.

“Yeah, it is. And he also showed that he’s not going to repeat the foreign policy mistakes as George W. Bush — as regime change — which I think is a huge plus,” the first young man answered.

“Recognition is the [first] step to resolution. And he’s very clear about that. He’s also very strong in his words, actions and his behavior and I like that — I’m attracted to it,” answered the next woman speaking.

“Is he too strong?” Luntz then asked the audience.

“I don’t think too strong. What I like about Ted Cruz is he always has done what he says he’s gonna do so when he talks tough, you know he’s going to do it,” Spencer, a debate watcher answered.

Another GOP debate viewer expressed positive reviews that Ted Cruz proclaimed that the American military should “kill” the Islamic terrorists, rather than just “containing” them, as the Obama Regime suggests.

Watch below as several candidates in the focus group switched to Ted Cruz and a couple switched to Chris Christie.

“Megyn, we’ve had significant change. And in the five debates in which we’ve now had these sessions, more people switched in this debate than any other. Chris Christie won big, Ted Cruz won big. Marco Rubio apparently did not do that well here. I know many in our group are very critical of Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, but I want you to go home understanding that Ted Cruz and Chris Christie were the winners of this debate,” Luntz asserted.


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