Franklin Graham has a Suggestion for Target on How They Can Save Their Failing Business

Ever since Target joined the perverted political correctness push to allow men who say they are women, or who feel more comfortable in a woman’s restroom, to share restroom and dressing room facilities with women, there has been a huge #BoycottTarget push led by the American Family Association.  Thus far, over 1.4 million people have signed the petition pledging to boycott Target. The results for the retailer have been devastating.

When second-quarter earnings were reported, Target announced that same-store transactions fell 2.2%. In addition, overall sales plummeted by 7.2%. Now, in an attempt to appease those boycotting the store and continue to bow down to the false god of political correctness and the LGBTQ mafia, Target is spending $20 million to add unisex bathrooms. They are still not budging, however, on allowing men to share dressing rooms with women and young girls.

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On a Facebook post written on Wednesday evening, Reverend Franklin Graham offered some advice to Target on how they can save their sinking business.

Target is in the news again. Their refusal to drop their transgender bathroom policy is going to cost the company—and the shareholders—big bucks! Fortune reports that “as it looks to reverse a drop in shopper traffic” Target is going to spend $20 million to install single-stall locking bathrooms at many of its stores. They could’ve saved a lot of money—and a lot of customers—by not adopting their dangerous policy in the first place! They just had a criminal incident last month at a store in Idaho. When over a million people sign a pledge to boycott, that’s a loud and clear message Target shouldn’t have a problem understanding—biological men do not need access into women’s bathrooms or dressing rooms!

Less than 24 hours later, Graham’s post has over 44,000 reactions and over 15,500 shares on Facebook.

Will Target heed his words or will they continue to be content with watching their earnings plunge and their customer base walk away?

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