Freezer Bern: Sanders Snaps at Autograph-Seeking Kid, Secret Service Hassles Little Old Lady

One of the supposed appeals of Bernie Sanders is that he is the more-delightful version of Hillary Clinton. Sure, they’re both looking to legitimize thievery as a political viewpoint. However, at least Bernie reminds a lot of us of our codgerly uncle… an uncle who hasn’t worked for a living and insists that everybody owes him something, but an uncle nonetheless.

So, as Bernie has sought to capture leftist audiences with promises of “free” stuff bought-and-paid-for by others, he has also worked to be approachable.

However, recently, Bernie may have grown a bit gruff.

Campaigning in Kentucky over the weekend, Sanders was a bit gruff with those who came out to see him.

The scene started with Bernie’s Secret Service agents hassling a little old lady who was trying to get remotely close to the devout socialist for a picture. Though the conduct of the Secret Service is not Bernie’s fault, per se, if we’re going to apply the conduct of the Secret Service to Donald Trump and the atmosphere he has created, we should be willing to do so for Bernie.

When Bernie attempted to shuffle kids along for a “Future of America” prop (as liberals are inclined to do), one can hear Bernie audibly snapping to the kids, “C’mon, let’s go!”

When it came time for grownups to stand and explain why their debts should be someone else’s problem, Sanders was all-business. Finding a woman, he shoved a microphone and commanded, “Here. Tell your story!”

Don’t worry, Sanders wasn’t just about being rude to women. To show that he’s dedicated to true equality, he was also rude to a young man who stood in line to try and receive an autograph from the presidential contender.

As the youngster stood in line and patiently waited for people/props to finish whining about their healthcare and positing that other people should be paying for it, he approached Sanders with pen in hand to obtain an autograph.

Bernie asked for people to tell their health care horror stories and on the spot, the kid replied,  “I actually, I don’t have health care.”

Seeing that this adoring fan was of no use to him in spewing his message of economic redistribution, Sanders cut the kid off and refused to sign anything for him. “No, no, can’t sign that right this moment,” the “man of the people” stated. Dejected, the kid walked away.

The man is all heart…

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Greg Campbell
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