French-American School Debased With ‘Pro-ISIS’ Graffiti

(EAG News) – San Francisco police are investigating a “vandalism” incident at the French American International School – an Islamic symbol spray painted on a wall in the school’s playground.

Initial news reports described the “pro-ISIS graffiti” which appeared Tuesday morning as an image of the ISIS flag, but officials now contend it’s the symbol of the 5 Percent Nation, a faction of the Nation of Islam, NBC Bay Area reports.

“I don’t know what the message is, but we are investigating a vandalism,” San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Albie Esparza told the news site.

Police also told KRON 4 the incident is not a threat, but an act of vandalism.

“The SFPD Special Investigation Division is actively investigating this incident to determine if it amounts to a hate crime,” a police spokesman told the site. “The graffiti does not appear to be related to ISIS, or any of the activities that occurred over in Europe over the past week.”

The French American International School serves 1,080 students, from pre-K to 12th grade, and about 23 percent are French nationals. Tuesday’s vandalism comes less than a week after ISIS terrorists killed more than 100 people in Paris in attacks across the city.

In San Francisco, police recovered a can of spray paint at the scene and are reviewing it along with surveillance video in hopes of nabbing those responsible.

The spray-painted symbol included the Islamic crest and an eight-point star above the number seven.

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