Freudian Slip? MSNBC Identifies Wrong Bill When Discussing Sexual Assault Charges

Although serial liar and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has tried to reinvent herself as a champion for women, her record proves just the opposite. Not only did she laugh about the traumatic rape of a 12-year old girl, she accused the girl of lying. Beyond that, Hillary was instrumental in the development and implementation of the ‘nuts and sluts’ campaign that was meant to disparage and discredit the victims and oaccusers of her philandering husband, Bill.

Try as they might to provide cover for Hillary, Bill and their numerous transgressions, the “Lean Forward” network really stepped in it on Tuesday morning. MSNBC host Steve Kornacki committed a serious faux pas or Freudian slip that does not bode well for the Clintons. As he was reporting on the beginning of the first sexual assault case against Bill Cosby, Kornacki mixed up his Bills, instead referring to him as Bill Clinton.

Bill Cosby is reporting to a courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania for the first of what will undoubtedly be many trials related to sexual assault allegations. As he spoke about Cosby, Kornacki called him “Bill Clinton,” but quickly corrected himself.

“We’re going to begin with that breaking news we told you about at the top,” Kornacki said. “Right now out of Pennsylvania, Bill Clinton is set to arrive at a suburban—excuse me, Bill Cosby is set to arrive at a suburban Philadelphia courthouse any moment now for a key hearing in his criminal sex assault case.”


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton’s longtime friend and donor, has reminded Hillary that she may want to think twice about attacking him regarding his questionable history with women given the numerous sexual assault allegations faced by her husband, Bill. In addition, Bill Clinton lied under oath about an extramarital affair he had while he was President of the United States with an impressionable 21-year old intern, Monica Lewinsky.

On Monday, Trump released a powerful video ad on Instagram which portrayed Bill Clinton as a rapist and serial woman abuser. The ad uses the voices of two of Bill Clinton’s accusers, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

Whether he realizes it or not, this Freudian slip by MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki adds fuel to the fire that Trump just started. Something tells me Trump will now throw another match on it.

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