Game Changer? Wait Until You See Who Donald Trump Met with Thursday Morning

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been courting the Bernie Sanders supporters…hard. In fact, at his rally in Ohio recently, Trump bragged that 22% of the wild-eyed socialists’ supporters would likely vote for him.

Many have been baffled that he would actively go after support from socialists while kicking conservative and Tea Party Ted Cruz supporters to the curb, even going so far as to say he didn’t need them. On Thursday morning, however, word began to spread that indicated Trump’s tactic and anti-Cruzer stance could be changing.

Two tweets were sent out by media figures which claimed that Trump is currently in a meeting with RNC chair Reince Priebus and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. There is speculation that the three are discussing Cruz possibly endorsing Trump.

As you may recall, Donald Trump’s scorched earth campaign targeted Ted Cruz with a series of lies, defamation of character, and attacks on his family. Trump labeled Cruz with the moniker “Lyin’ Ted” without naming any specific lies and used it over and over again. He attacked his faith and his heritage. Trum attacked  the looks of Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi and accused Cruz’s father of being complicit in the assassination of JFK.

Could Cruz set all of this aside and actually end up endorsing Trump?

At the end of the meeting, a reporter encountered Cruz leaving the building in his motorcade. He gave no indication, when asked, how the meeting went.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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