GAP Under Fire for Supposedly ‘Racist’ Ad

In this modern day and age of “microaggressions” and radical divisions along racial lines, it is impossible to exist without offending someone. Police a minority neighborhood too vigorously and that’s racist; don’t police it vigorously and that is still, somehow, racist. Embrace black culture and you are “appropriating” their culture. Don’t embrace black culture and you are basking in your “white privilege” and you are- you guessed it- a racist.

So, what is an ad company to do in modern America? Create a playful ad without a black person in it and you are rejecting diversity. Feature black models in the ad and you’re guilty of “tokenism” and still a racist.

That is the problem with the latest GAP Kids ad. Their latest ad campaign features Ellen DeGeneres and members of the pre-teen dance group Le Petit Cirque. The ad is playful and the video portion includes the youngsters talking about their humanitarian work. However, in one photo, the playful ad depicts a taller white girl propping herself up against a shorter black girl.

According to bored social justice warriors on Twitter, that is racist.

Kirsten West Savali of The Root blasted the ad, saying, “It becomes problematic when the black child is positioned to be a white child’s prop.”

Twitter warriors took to the cause:

“Proving girls can do anything… unless she’s Black. Then all she can do is bear the weight of White girls. #EpicFail.”

“Thanks for perfectly illustrating what ‘passive racism’ looks like in mainstream media. #DiversiryFail She is NOT your arm rest.”

“Someone needs to get fired. It was ignorant in the first place to have 1 token black girl, then you make her the arm rest?”

Amidst the lunacy, however, filmmaker Matthew Cherry weighed-in and offered a picture of a previous GAP Kids ad where a taller black girl was using a white girl as an “armrest.”

“Does the @GapKids pic on the left make the pic on the right okay? Let’s debate,” he wrote.

As is standard in America, GAP Kids was forced to grovel to the perpetually-offended and offered an apology for the ad.

This is precisely the problem with race relations in America. There is no balance and there is no reasoning. What drives tensions regarding race relations is a continual focus by Black Lives Matter and other entitled minority groups on vengeance, not justice.

Countless race-hustlers who profit politically and economically from increased racial tensions in America have furthered the narrative that all minorities are victims and that all whites are their tormentors.

With this victim mentality, it is hardly surprising to see that so many are making so much fuss about a playful ad.

Some people just need a hobby and apparently complaining about imagined slights is a popular one.



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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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