Gawker Slanders Chris Christie; Surprisingly, Liberal Blogger Who Witnessed Event Comes to His Rescue

Recently, Gawker, a ridiculous liberal rag that has a habit of getting taken for a ride, released a story stating that Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie was ejected from an Amtrak train car because he was “screaming” into the phone.

The real story is this: an honest liberal blogger who witnessed the episode gave Christie fair treatment by blowing the whistle on the Gawker story’s lies.

According to Gawker, Christie boarded the Amtrak train and took a seat in the “quiet” car- a car where people are asked to refrain from conducting phone calls and making excessive noise.

Christie was allegedly asked to move from the quiet car because he was “screaming” into his phone and when asked to move, the governor and presidential candidate made a scene.

It sounds horrible right? It’s not “leaving four Americans to die and then betraying their memories by covering-up your culpability in their deaths with a story about a YouTube video”-bad, but it’s not nice.

According to several tweets from Katie Klabusich, a liberal writer and radio host for @NetrootsRadio, the story is a fabrication.

What really happened? Christie was running late and took the first available seat which happened to be in the “quiet” car. When the conductor came along to check tickets, he informed the governor that he was in the “quiet” car and Christie did what any normal human being would do: claimed he didn’t know and told the person on the phone that he would have to call him back. Then he got up and left to a car where he could make calls.

Yes- that’s the story. A man made a mistake and sat in the wrong car.

Klabusich waged war on the Gawker frauds and those attempting to desperately defend the shoddy rag:

Gawker updated their story with Klabusich’s tweet, but the intended damage had already been done: all across social media, Christie was savaged by those who gleefully pronounced Christie a jerk for his non-existent, media-fabricated tirade.

Just like Klabusich, I am no fan of Christie- though, I suspect she and I dislike him for different reasons. In any case, what has occurred here is a man made a mistake and sat in the wrong car and this episode was exaggerated and exploited in order to further a favorable media narrative.

It’s sickening and pathetic. Thankfully, Christie had the good fortune to sit by one of the few honest liberal journalists in the country and she could not abide having a man smeared by an opportunistic hit-job that did not attempt to report the facts, but a series of events that they wished had happened.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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