Homosexual Father and Son Want to Marry #LoveWins

A couple that long ago skirted the law now aims to undo their damage to the definition of “family” so that they may move-on to adulterating the definition of “marriage.”

In 2012, Nino Esposito, 78, of Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, adopted his long-time boyfriend, Roland Bosee Jr., 68, so that they could gain legal recognition as family.

Now, however, the father and son duo wish to capitalize on the recent Supreme Court decision that conjured law to make same-sex unions legal. The problem, however, is that Esposito and Bosee are father and son.

The case of the father/son couple who wish to be married has piqued the interest of Pennsylvania Democrat Bob Casey who has sought counsel from Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The Senator has requested guidance from the attorney general on how to proceed with the strange case and has asked for the Justice Department to issue guidelines on how to deal with such a strange situation.

Because to a liberal, there can be no higher authority on the issue of marriage than the state…

Of course, we only call this predicament “strange” now; in another few years, the union of a father and son, adoptive or otherwise, will surely be regarded as an issue of civil rights that demands legitimacy.

No- Bosee and Esposito are not blood-related and their legal arrangement likely did not stem from the two men wishing to assume a “father-son” dynamic.

What this case represents, however, is an illustration and vindication of what conservatives have cautioned for decades: it seems that words like “family” and “marriage” mean nothing anymore.

A man marries a man on Monday and by Friday, we’re wedding goats with men and sisters with brothers. The left tries to laugh-off such assertions as ludicrous analogies, but the notion that a man and a man could marry was thought of as “ludicrous” not too long ago. Within a few short decades, here we are.

Now, we are literally at a place in society where we are looking to the federal government to learn how one can void a legal father-son relationship so that the two may marry. It’s time to take a look around, people, and witness the moral relativity that is among us.

Society has already established what marriage is and what it is not. We do not allow men to marry children, to marry cats, to marry their sisters or to take sixteen wives.

For some reason, the left throws-out bumper-sticker sentiments like “#LoveWins” and “All love is equal” without ever really considering the fact that society has already established certain precedents as to what is and what is not legitimate. Those who adhere to this standard are promptly labeled “bigots” or “homophobe” and dismissed.

Call me old fashioned, but a man marrying his son is far beyond where I drew the line of acceptability quite some time ago.

Behold the power of incremental moral bankruptcy.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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