The Gaystapo Strikes Again: Christian Dating Site FORCED to Cater to Homosexuals

The War on Christianity in America has taken yet another negative turn with a federal judge ordering to go against the biblical teachings which they follow and cater to homosexuals. This ruling affects not only, which is owned by Spark Networks, Inc., but also all other Spark owned dating sites including,, and

The company, which is based in California, found itself at the center of a lawsuit by two homosexual men angered that a Christian-based dating service would dare not promote homosexual relationships. The class-action lawsuit filed by the homosexuals was done so under the state’s anti-discrimination law. This law requires  “full and equal accommodations” to people regardless of their “sexual orientation.”

So, once again, the very foundation of Christian beliefs are being attacked by the Gaystapo with the help of the judicial system. Not only are these companies being forced to now facilitate and promote homosexuality, they have been ordered to pay the legal fees of these militant homosexuals to the tune of $450,000. In addition, they must pay each man $9,000 “as a service reward for their efforts on behalf of the Settlement Class and release of their damages claims.”

Yes, you read that correctly. This sick, anti-Christianity judge ordered the Christian-based dating service to pay these men a reward for their work in forcing them to go against biblical principles.

So, what does this mean for Christians who use any of these dating services? Based upon the judge’s ruling, you will no longer be able to stipulate that you are a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. You can only say that you are a man or a woman. Spark’s dating sites can only ask if you are a man or a woman. Beyond that, users will be free to attempt to explore heterosexual or homosexual relationships.

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Therefore, you could be approached by a woman seeking a woman, or a man seeing a man even if you are straight . The only way this will be avoided is if Spark specifically works to facilitate homosexual relationships against their religious beliefs.

The Spark-owned sites cannot return to asking users if they are men seeking women or vice versa unless the site “provides similar prompts which allow individuals seeking a same-sex match partner to enter and use the sites without having to state that they are seeking a match with someone of the opposite sex,” according to the settlement.

Do you think a judge would have made this ruling if this were a dating site catering to Muslims? Yeah, me neither. But Christians have become the favorite punching bag of activist judges and God-haters on the Left throughout Obama’s presidency.

Speaks volumes.

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