German Government Admits to Losing Track of More than 130,000 Muslim Refugees


The left both in Europe and in the United States constantly asserts that it is a moral duty to receive thousands of refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East. Though much of Syria and Iraq is being engulfed by Islamic terrorism and widespread violence, central European nations have opened their doors to the flood of refugees who are fleeing the violence of ISIS’ main area of operations.

Simultaneously, those who oppose the modern-day crusade are being labeled as bigots when they highlight the inherent danger found in welcoming potentially millions of unknown individuals into the heart of Europe and into the U.S.

Authorities assert that refugees are being properly vetted- a lie so preposterous that authorities in both Europe and the U.S. only half-heartedly attempt to sell to citizens.

As Germany, in particular, deals with the astonishing wave of violence and sexual assaults being committed by Muslim refugees, one would think that authorities would maintain a firm hold of the refugees for the safety of German citizens.

Instead, however, Germany has revealed that they have lost track of more than 130,000 asylum-seekers.

During a parliamentary discussion, the German government revealed that they have lost track of an estimated 13 percent of the 1.1 million refugees that have immigrated to their country over the past year.

The missing refugees, once admitted to the country, never arrived at the official government-run refugee stations for processing- thus illustrating the problem with maintaining a border policy that runs on the honor system.

The terrorist attacks in Paris were perpetrated by terrorists who had obtained forged passports- an easily-obtained commodity in Turkey.

America and Europe remains incredibly vulnerable to terrorist attacks and left-leaning governments, terrified of appearing bigoted, have thoroughly refused to address the problems of security in any meaningful way.

Islamic terrorism is no longer simply a problem confined to the Middle East; it is here in the West. When will our governments get serious about countering this threat?

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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