German Government Removing Job Protections for Germans so Refugees can Compete for them

A country’s leaders have an obligation to put the plight of their citizens above all others. America should be for Americans. Germany should be for Germans. Instead, modern liberalism demands that those who truly value “social justice” must endure sacrifice to accommodate those who are willing to come to a new country to exploit their generosity.

Germany has an immigration problem. They have opened the floodgates to their homeland to allow millions of unknown, unvetted Middle Eastern refugees to flood central Europe under the pretense of fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq.

Almost immediately, the problems became obvious. Europe is under siege by a wave of refugees who insist that raping and sexually assaulting women, shoplifting and committing violence are all acceptable behaviors in accordance with Islamic traditions.

Unbelievably, Germany has embraced the slow cultural and economic suicide and has worked to provide every advantage to the refugees and terrorists who now call Europe home.

To make this stay even more comfortable, the German government announced new “integration” reforms on Thursday that will be removing worker protections from German and European Union citizens so that refugees may have an opportunity to undermine the job market and steal jobs from Germans.

The measure would suspend an existing law that prohibits employers from hiring non-European Union citizens so that employers can hire refugees.

There are currently over one million refugees (that they know about) in Germany and the suspension of the law is supposed to be lifted in three years.

Supposedly, in three years, the German government will then once again lookout for German citizens’ interests. Of course, in all likelihood, the German government will then offer another excuse about how it would be unfair or immoral to reinstate the policy prioritizing Germans.

The measure is being touted as the only possible solution to integrating the refugees into society. Apparently, the German government is still willing to pretend that they will be sending these refugees home after violence settles in their home countries. Once these immigrants have comfy jobs and homes, it is a near impossibility that German leaders will then ask the refugees to leave.

Because, evidently, in today’s one-world ideology, those seeking a better life are not only entitled to it within the borders of another country, but they’re also entitled to undermine the livelihood of the citizenry of that country.

Brace yourself, America; this is where we are heading.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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