Girl Expelled for One Year for Having WATER Gun at School

16-year-old Sara Allena “Laney” Nichols, expelled for school for one year due to having a water gun.

(The Daily Caller) — In the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in a school setting, officials overseeing a school district in Alabama have expelled a 16-year-old girl for an entire year because she had a water gun at school.

Prior to her yearlong expulsion, the student, Sara Allena “Laney” Nichols, attended Prattville High School Prattville, a town of 35,229 just northwest of Montgomery.

The incident leading to Nichols’s suspension occurred on Friday, January 27, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

Nichols and her mother, Tara Herring, say the teen girl did not bring the water gun to school. Instead, the mother and daughter claim, a male classmate gave Nichols the water gun to Nichols “as a joke.”

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