Glenn Beck Calls Ted Cruz Victory a Great Victory for America and the U.S. Constitution

Founder of The Blaze, bestselling author, and leading radio talk show host Glenn Beck, who has endorsed Ted Cruz , went to Facebook to comment on constitutional conservative Ted Cruz’s historic victory over Donald Trump, after the final 13 polls predicted victory for Trump.

It appears as though Beck’s endorsement of Cruz may have had a much bigger impact than Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump, considering Cruz’s massive outperformance of all polls, many which were taken before Beck’s official endorsement on Saturday.

Glenn Beck, who officially endorsed Ted Cruz in a fiery speech on Saturday in which he referred to Donald Trump as a “pathological narcissistic sociopath,” took to Facebook to call Ted Cruz’s unexpected victory over the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star a “great night for the Constitution, America and Ted Cruz.”

It is a great night for the constitution America and Ted Cruz.We are one step closer to restoring our principles.One…

Posted by Glenn Beck on Monday, February 1, 2016

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All recent polls were proven incorrect on Monday, with Cruz and Rubio widely outperforming the most respected Iowa Caucus poll, the Des Moines Register poll that had Trump handily defeating Cruz.

Cruz trumped Trump 27.6% to 24.3%, with 99.8% reporting. Marco Rubio did extremely well, almost catching Trump, finishing in third place at 23.1%. Dr. Ben Carson came in a distant fourth place at 9.3%.

Rand Paul finished at 4.5% and the rest of the field, all establishment RINO’s, all finished at 3% or less.

FOX News digital editor Chris Stirewalt said following the debate that no human in history has spent as much money as Jeb Bush to get to only 3%.


After the race, Democrat Martin O’Malley and former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee abruptly exited the race.

Final Iowa Caucus Results

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