Glenn Beck Co-Host Pat Gray Crushes Sean Hannity in Epic Smackdown

Sycophantic Trump worshiper Sean Hannity, apparently looking for excuses for an upcoming election in which Donald Trump is defeated by perhaps the weakest Democrat nominee in American history, has been pointed fingers, blaming anyone who doesn’t sell their soul and conservative principles to endorse the object of his unnatural affection — a liberal New York authoritarian con man who praised Hillary Clinton after Benghazi.

Unhinged rants of late, often tag-teamed with fellow Trumplicker Laura Ingraham, are competing talk show hosts, include vitriolic hyperbole against Glenn Beck, who Hannity recently pointed out as an object of blame should Hillary Clinton become the next president (Of course, Hannity bears no responsibility for pimping for the least likely Republican in America to defeat her).

Glenn Beck has refused to return fire at Hannity, however, that hasn’t stopped longtime Beck co-host Pat Gray from going after Hannity, which he did on Tuesday in an epic Facebook post where he turns the table on Hannity and makes the case that he is responsible for a Hillary Clinton win in November.

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Hannity, whose FOX News show a couple of years ago was bounced to a less favorable spot in favor of star Megyn Kelly, knows that his viewership is now dependent on Trump’s success. He has lost all credibility among principled constitutional conservatives who know from watching and listening to his interviews during the GOP primary, that he was clearly a Trump cheerleader from day one.

And as Pat Gray says, “EVERYONE knows it.” Weird.

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Matthew K. Burke
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