Glenn Beck Compares Rise of Trump to Rise of Hitler [VIDEO]

Glenn Beck

Leading radio talk show host, best-selling author, and founder of The Blaze, Glenn Beck, appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning, warning America about the similarities of the rise of Donald Trump and the rise of Adolf Hitler in what became Nazi Germany.

On the divisions in the Republican Party, Beck opined that the GOP has “one more chance to listen to the people,” to rescue itself and accused the Republican establishment of creating Donald Trump.

“There are two ways to go,” Beck contended. “Anger and nationalism, which has been done before in history and you can go for nationalism — you can go for anger…”

“Whoa! Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler?” Stephanopoulos interrupted in shock, at the site of Beck holding up what appeared to be a voting ballot for Hitler’s election, which was written in German.

Beck recommended that people stop being fixated on what Hitler became in the 1940’s, but instead study the charismatic who played to people’s “lowest common denominator and to the anger” in 1929, as he asserts Donald Trump is now doing.

“[Hitler] was a kind of funny, kind of character that said the things that people were thinking,” Beck said. “Where Donald Trump takes it, I have absolutely no idea. But, Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things he’s been saying.”

Glenn Beck rejected the “lesser of two evils” narrative conservatives are often presented with during general elections, stating that he could never vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Beck, who has endorsed constitutional conservative Ted Cruz , argued that if Marco Rubio and John Kasich would drop out of the race, most of their votes would gravitate toward Cruz rather than Trump.

“If those guys would get out, those votes would go right to Ted Cruz,” Beck predicted.

While Beck said that his conscience would not allow him to pull the lever for Trump under any circumstances, he rejected dirty tricks from the GOP establishment that may lead to a brokered convention in Cleveland and any attempt to deny the candidate with the highest delegate count the party’s nomination.


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Matthew K. Burke
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