Glenn Beck Exposes the 5-Step Tactic Trump is Using to Get FOX News to ‘Play Ball’

Talk show host, The Blaze founder and best-selling author Glenn Beck, took to Facebook Tuesday evening following the announcement by Donald Trump that he will “definitely” not participate in Thursday’s GOP debate hosted by FOX News.

Beck opines that Trump’s boycott of the debate has nothing to do with Megyn Kelly, one of the debate moderators who Trump perceives as having a personal bias against him, but instead is a Saul-Alinsky-like tactic — a pattern — that Trump is performing in order to teach FOX News that they’d better play ball Trump’s way.

Glenn Beck, who recently endorsed constitutional conservative Ted Cruz, Beck’s first presidential endorsement ever, listed the oft-repeated 5-step strategy Trump is employing against FOX News:

“This is his pattern,” Beck contends:

  1. Donald first sweet talks and is ‘generous.’
  2. He then expects you to play ball. 
  3. If you do not he strikes hard. Then gives you a chance to humiliate yourself by kissing his ring. 
  4. If you do not fold he continues to strike hard and uses every falsehood and Saul Alinsky tactic to isolate and polarize you. 
  5. His last move is to try to get you fired and completely discredited and isolated. 

“Like it or not, this is his pattern,” Beck asserted. “In the end, he is not only teaching the victim a lesson but anyone else that dares even consider not doing as he says,” he wrote.

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On Wednesday, a 2012 interview with Megyn Kelly surfaced in which Trump lavished praise on the FOX News host for her debate moderating skills, which appears to confirm the beginning two steps of Beck’s hypothesis.

In 2012, Trump was attempting to moderate a GOP presidential debate on Newsmax, and several candidates refused to participate. Ironically and perhaps hypocritically, Trump expressed dismay that some candidates didn’t have the “courage” to debate.

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