Glenn Beck: Fame Has Warped Meryl Streep

Talk show host, best-selling author and founder of The Blaze, Glenn Beck, appeared with Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Tonight, which airs in Megyn Kelly’s former primetime slot on Monday. Among the topics discussed was the effect of fame on a person who has obtained it, and Glenn Beck certainly has reached that status.

Carlson asked Beck if he would recommend “this business” to his kids and Beck’s answer was provocative, stating that he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy and that fame is “more corrosive than anything else.” Beck said that fame, which always fades, causes you to lose your perspective.

“It [fame] will warp you. It’s the reason why Meryl Streep got on TV last night and had such confidence to say ‘We’re right’ in so many words. ‘We’re right and we all know this and those little peasants out in the middle of the country — they’re wrong.’

“Because fame, when people are making money on you, when you are watching yourself everywhere, when people are coming up to you and saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you,’ if you’re not careful, you start to buy it and then you become Meryl Streep.”

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“I think that’s a really wise answer,” Tucker Carlson responded. “How do you avoid that?” he asked Glenn Beck.

“You get out the minute you want it,” Beck answered. “The minute Tucker that somebody — when you hear rumors — and this happens in everybody’s business to everybody all the time. Somebody will start a whisper campaign that ‘You know, Tucker’s failing — that things gonna go,’ if your first reaction is ‘What do I have to do to fix it?’ get out, walk away, change, do something else the minute you want it.”


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Matthew K. Burke
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