Glenn Beck Hits Back at Trump after the Billionaire’s Attack, and It’s Hilarious

On Wednesday, founder of The Blaze and top conservative talk show host Glenn Beck appeared on FOX New’s The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to discuss, among other things, the fifth GOP debate. When asked who he was personally supporting for president, Beck did not hesitate. He said, “Ted Cruz.” Kelly then asked if Cruz was his guy. Beck replied, “He’s my guy. I like Ted Cruz a lot.”

But that is not likely what set Donald Trump, GOP frontrunner, real estate magnate, and reality TV star, off. What probably prompted Trump to lash out was Beck’s description of Trump as a progressive. He also added that if the election came down to Donald Trump or Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who is currently being investigated by the FBI, that he would not vote because he could not bring himself to vote for a progressive.

In the typical Trump way, he proceeded to take to Twitter in an attempt to denigrate Beck.

Steven Miller, a contributor at National Review, pointed out that while Trump tagged Beck in his attack, he failed to tag Hillary when he attacked her. Trump has been accused by many of being a plant for the Clinton campaign to disrupt the GOP presidential primary and ultimately hand the presidency over to Hillary, who he has praised in the past.

Glenn Beck did not allow Trump’s attack to go unnoticed or unchallenged. But, what he tweeted back was a simple GIF with no additional words, as if to send a message to Trump that he could care less what he thinks or says.


h/t The Blaze

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