Glenn Beck Predicts the Next Progressive Perversion the Left Wants to ‘Normalize’

Founder of The Blaze, best-selling author, and leading conservative talk show host Glenn Beck boldly predicted the Islamic caliphate years ago when others were busily looking up the definition of the word “caliphate” and calling him crazy for so-called “hysteria.”

Beck turned out to be prophetic in his prediction and it was his critics who looked like fools with evidence of the rise of the ISIS, an Islamic terrorist group Obama was referring to as the “JV team” as last as 2014.

Well, fast forward to 2016, and Beck is making another prediction and this one is front and center of the culture wars.

On top of the Supreme Court waking up one day and changing the definition of marriage, a word that almost exclusively meant the union between one man and one woman, and with the perverted and highly unconstitutional royal edict from Dictator Obama forcing schools to allow boys into girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, Beck is predicting the next perversion of God’s creation that progressive leftists are already beginning to try to “normalize.”

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On Monday, Beck began his popular radio program with the bold prediction that the left isn’t going to stop with soiling marriage and perverting bathrooms. The next stage of the left’s pathway to perversion will be the scheme to normalize the evil practice of pedophilia, another plank of cultural Marxism which seems to desire to destroy anything good, traditional or wholesome in society, especially including the Judeo-Christian principles that made America great, prosperous and free.

The Blaze reports:

“If you don’t stand up now,” Beck insisted, “[I] guarantee you, the next stop on this train is pedophilia.”

Beck, who at the start of his show played 2004 audio of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, then a senator, defending her view on traditional marriage, said the way transgender rights have overtaken mainstream American culture is “not normal,” unlike gay marriage.

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Conservatives and Christians have long warned of and predicted the “slippery slope,” when the progressive left attempted to normalize homosexuality and other deviant behavior.

Seven-plus short years of the Obama Regime and people don’t even know which restroom to use. Beck is right, at some point people as a society must stand up to the Left and simply say, “STOP!”

Listen to the entire segment, courtesy of The Glenn Beck Program:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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