‘Good Guys’ Win: Shoeless, Shirtless Neighbor Witnesses Thief Stealing Packages, Jumps Into Action

Stealing packages from someone’s front door is a pretty scummy thing to do. To do it around Christmas time is a particularly heinous thing to do. One such package thief attempted to lift packages from a porch but unfortunately for him, the world’s toughest and most-diligent neighbor was watching. Rather than let the scumbag get away with it, the neighbor sprang into action.

The below video reportedly took place in Spokane, Washington. When the neighbor saw a man casually remove packages from his neighbor’s doorstep, the man charged outside without shoes or a shirt to confront the man with deep snow on the ground.

The neighbor was joined by another neighbor named Bob and they videotaped the encounter likely for law enforcement purposes and to likely shame the perpetrator. Without a gun or any sort of weapon, the neighbor conducts a citizen’s arrest as he calls the police and forces the thief to return the packages and sit-down and wait for the cops. Throughout the video, the neighbor berates the thief for his stupidity and lack of morals and even tells Bob to go get his shotgun.

When the thief begins to try and walk away, the neighbor absolutely loses it and hands the camera to Bob to film. The neighbor then charges barefoot through about a foot of snow and stands in the way of the thief. When the thief does not react quick enough, the neighbor threatens him and even begins to push him around until finally the thief sits-down on the stoop to await the arrival of police as the neighbor berates him.

The people from whom the thief stole should be glad that they have such dedicated neighbors in the neighborhood.

The below video is entertaining, but it is entertaining for a reason: it is satisfying to see good triumph. While watching the below video, I encountered an emotion that really ought not to exist; though it is always satisfying to see good people stand up for themselves and others, what this video highlights is how far we have slipped as a society. Day-in and day-out, we are bombarded with news of events that center on the efforts of scumbags- scumbags who too often win.

We hear of “Black Lives Matter” racists making outrageous demands from universities and, worse yet, getting their demands fulfilled. We hear of millions of illegals being rewarded for their criminal behavior while millions of other hardworking, honest immigrants wait to be legally admitted to nation for a chance at the American Dream. We hear of government bullying bakers and other citizens to accept their radical agenda or otherwise face the wrath of the federal government.

Why do we enjoy these kinds of videos so much? Because the good people of America are tired of seeing the scumbags and bullies win. On this day, on this street in Spokane, someone stood up for what was right. If only we could push-back nationally on the bullies that are wreaking havoc upon our nation…

(WARNING: The below video contains foul language)

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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