OPINION: GOP Leadership Knew They Were Nominating an Immoral Con Man

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Donald Trump. Image Credit: Donald Trump, InstagramRepublican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Donald Trump. Image Credit: Donald Trump, Instagram

I first shared my thoughts on June 12th in an OP-ED as to why, as an Iowa national delegate, I would not be supporting or voting for Donald Trump. Nothing has changed that, not Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann calling me names in the paper, not Iowa national committeeman Steve Scheffler telling me I’m not a Christian and not Reince Priebus and the RNC bullying and thuggery at the convention.

I am not a genius, I am not some kind of prophet, I just wanted what was best for our country and our state and was not concerned with the fact that Trump happened to put an “R” after his name, but rather I wanted someone who would bring us back to our moral founding and our Constitution and who could beat Hillary Clinton and I knew that Trump was an immoral con man who cared more about himself and money than beating Hillary.

I feel sorry for those who thought they had no choice but to support an immoral con man but I don’t feel sorry for the GOP leadership who could have done something about Donald Trump before now. They need to be removed, not coddled. And there are plenty of them to be removed. This should never ever have been allowed to happen, starting with open primaries on down. Any Republican who voted to keep primaries open should be hounded out of RNC.

You might ask why do I care since I renounced my party on Sept 15th after 44 years. Since there is still a Republican Party (And I have even less reason to believe they should still be a viable party than when they left me) and there is still people running as a republican, then yes, I still care what happens.

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So what happens now? I have no idea. This I do know, it doesn’t matter one tiny bit what Trump is going to say going forward, he can’t be trusted, he continues to be immoral, he is a pathological liar and I do not think he is going to step aside, after all, this whole thing for him has been to up his brand. They should not have voted for him in the primaries, they should have let us stop him at the convention, so now 30 days before the election they have this mess.

You know what is so pathetic? As I have said before almost any of the other candidates could have beaten an opponent who should be in prison but is now likely to be the president. Very sad indeed.

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Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz moved from Kansas to Iowa in 2000. He volunteered with the Cruz campaign 2015/2016 and became National Delegate to Cleveland at the RNC Convention.

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