Greg Gutfeld: ‘Rigged’ Media Made Trump GOP Nominee [VIDEO]

Greg Gutfeld of FOX News’ The Five argued that yes, the media is “rigged,” but not exactly in the way that Donald Trump has been loudly complaining about.

“Was he set up? Could it be the media propelled him to the top of the heap knowing he would be so easy to bring down later? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Hell yes,” the always witty Greg Gutfeld argued on Monday.

Sure the media has turned on Trump — like the do every Republican nominee — but in Gutfeld’s view, as many others have argued as well, the media built up Trump with unprecedented amounts of free media, dwarfing any other GOP candidate by many multiples, building him up in the primary, only to destroy him in the general election.

“True, the media is rigged, but it was rigged for Trump all damn year,” Gutfeld stated. “He got more free media than the weather, dwarfing not just his primary foes but Hillary as well. If it wasn’t for the media who fell over Trump every time he sneezed, we’d have a different candidate,” he asserted.

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Many have suggested that Democrats plotted and schemed to promote Trump as the GOP nominee, knowing that he would be the easiest of the other 16 Republicans running for Hillary Clinton to defeat because he cancels out most of Clinton’s negatives and represents negative stereotypes Democrats have tried to pin on Republicans for years.

“So yeah, it was rigged, and that rigging gave us Trump. He should be extremely grateful,” Gutfeld contended.

It’s pretty hard to argue with Gutfeld’s assertion. It’s inarguable that the media also held back on reporting on what had to be a massive amount of negative stories about Trump during the GOP primary so that they could drop them on Trump during the last weeks of the general election — as they are doing now.


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