Group Promises to Give Naked Selfies to People Who Don’t Vote For…

I’ll give them an “A” for creativity, but I’m not sure how legal this is…

A group calling themselves “Tramps Against Trump” has formed with the expressed purpose of hindering Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

The group has not endorsed a candidate, but has made it clear who they do not want to be president: Donald Trump.

“Our main objective of the campaign is to get millennials who otherwise might not engage in the election to show up and vote. Tramps Against Trump does not endorse any presidential candidate — we simply are advocating for anyone but Trump,” Jessica Rabbit, the group’s spokeswoman, said.

The group claims that they will send a nude selfie to a voter who submits a photo of them with their voter receipt with a vote for someone other than Trump.

However, the requirement may be illegal as in many states it is illegal to use a cell phone in a voting booth. That prohibition may also go for recording equipment of any kind (such as a camera).

Further, it is illegal to offer anything of value in exchange for a vote. Whether the free nude selfie could be deemed a thing of value is up for legal interpretation.

Rabbit claimed that the group was also trying to influence a discussion about gender and politics.

“We plan on using this platform to discuss issues that directly relate to sex, race, gender and body politics in this election cycle…We are trying to use some of the things Trump hates the most against him.”

Then again, Donald Trump owned the Miss USA pageant for decades, so the group’s narrative that Trump hates body politics and sex and gender issues doesn’t seem to quite link-up to reality.

For Rabbit, the idea of trading nudes for votes is a small leap as Rabbit is an actual prostitute by trade.

The group claimed in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting that Trump’s alleged “homophobia” and alleged anti-Hispanic and anti-Muslim “hate speech” was “as violent as any gun.”

The group doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp on the politics surrounding the Trump campaign but does seem to believe that reducing themselves to anonymous sexual objects is the best substitute for substantive political discussions and understanding.

In any case, I’m writing-in Ted Cruz… I don’t know if that would be better or worse in the eyes of these political prostitutes.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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