Gun Store Offers AWESOME Promotion in Response to Oregon Shooting

One of the most-underreported aspects of the recent shooting in Oregon is the fact that the gunman reportedly targeted Christians for execution. Though we could fully expect Obama and the rest of the hyper-politicized left to rant and rave about the need for increased tolerance in America if Muslims would have been targeted, the fact that Christians were executed for their faith has hardly been mentioned by the mainstream media and has been entirely glossed-over by President Obama who has, instead, opted to crusade to undermine the Second Amendment.

However, one gun shop owner in Tennessee has made a terrific gesture to show support for the Christians who were slaughtered: customers who claim that they are Christians receive a 5% discount on handguns.

Brant Williams, the owner of Frontier Firearms in Kingston, Tennessee, revealed to WVLT-TV that Christians will receive the discount. He explained,

“If Christians are going to be targeted, we need to protect ourselves, and the best way to protect yourself is with the best weapon available, and that happens to be a handgun,”

It makes sense.

Unsurprisingly, there are some who are taking issue with the sale. Instead of focusing on the arming of persecuted Christians, some allege that the practice is discriminatory.

Knox County Democratic Party Chairman Cameron Brooks complained,

“Anyone who is not Christian and in our society is excluded. I think that’s wrong, it turns people away from Christianity.”

However, in all fairness, if someone’s faith hinges on whether they would receive a 5% discount on a handgun, maybe they weren’t cut-out to be dutiful adherents to the teachings of Jesus Christ…

Williams is standing his ground and said,

“We can stand up and not worry about being shot for our beliefs, or maybe we can stand up and shoot back.”

The fact is that any group who has been targeted for violence should come-together to watch out for each other. This is no different.

This policy does not denigrate any other religion or those who subscribe to no religious teachings; it merely reinforces the message that if some who harbor intolerant, anti-Christian beliefs are going to target Christians for execution, we who follow Christ should do what we can to better-equip Christians with the means of saving lives (including the lives of non-Christians).

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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