Hank ‘Guam Might Tip Over’ Johnson Explains Why #BlackLivesMatter Thugs Can Do Whatever They Want

Georgia Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson just seems to utter sentences without thinking them through. While he would not be the only politician to make a gaffe, he seems to be the only politician currently serving in the U.S. Congress with the IQ of a brain-damaged squirrel.

I don’t mean to make light; however, Hank Johnson is a grown man and a supposed leader who, during a House Armed Services Committee hearing in 2010, warned an admiral that his chief concern about putting too many troops on the island of Guam would cause the island to “tip-over.”

For effect, Johnson even mimed the action with his hands as if turning-over an imaginary island.

Though the good people of Georgia have, inexplicably, hired Johnson to represent them once again, it’s clear that any and all statements made by him should be eyed with a level of healthy skepticism, considering his past… concerns.

While his comments about Guam were relatively harmless, the latest comments from Georgia’s most-special lawmaker are dangerous as he offered carte blanche to the “Black Lives Matter” black supremacists who masquerade as a legitimate movement when they are, in fact, anything but.

Johnson showed his support for the obnoxious crusaders who have taken to hijacking political events to showcase their brand of black radicalism. Johnson explained that they get to do whatever they want to do because it’s a matter of “life and death.”

“For Black Lives Matter activists, the issue is literally a matter of life and death as evidenced by the continued killing of unarmed Black men and women by police officers across the nation,” Johnson stated in an email. “When presidential candidates fail to acknowledge how the current criminal system detrimentally impacts Black lives, they [the activists] resort to disruptive tactics to force attention to the issue.”

“While disruption is uncomfortable, it does result in candidates acknowledging and addressing the issue with policy proposals,” he added. “When that happens, the need to protest is abated.”

It seems that Johnson’s policy is clear: it is a legitimate form of expression to obnoxiously disrupt candidate rallies in order to further a racist agenda with no clear, articulable goals (so long as you’re black).

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I wonder if Mr. Johnson (or any liberals supporting this preposterous “movement”) would be so kind to a KKK member hijacking a political rally.

If that seems like an unfair comparison, it’s important to note that both the KKK and Black Lives Matter thugs advocate racial violence as a means of political action.

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Greg Campbell
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