Hannity and Beck Spar Over Trump and the Rest of the GOP Field; Announce They Both ‘Love’ One Candidate

Glenn Beck discussing Donald Trump and the GOP field on Fox News's "Hannity," 8/17/2015. Image Credit: FOX News

After The Blaze founder and conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck wrote a Facebook post on Friday, perplexed that fellow top conservative talk show hosts, as well as Republican commentator Ann Coulter, were giving so much credence to Donald Trump’s candidacy for the GOP nomination, Sean Hannity wrote back to Beck in a several page response.

The two got together Monday on FOX News’s Hannity to discuss Trump’s meteoric rise and the rest of the GOP field.

“I’m really trying to understand how conservatives can look at Donald Trump’s record, which he himself self-identifies more as a Democrat than as a conservative or a Republican, and say, ‘That’s our guy,'” Beck explained to Hannity. “I just don’t understand it, because his record is horrendous when it comes to conservative principles.

Beck explained that he and Hannity express their professions somewhat differently, that he’s “much more of an opinion guy,” and that he doesn’t feel compelled to have every candidate on his popular radio broadcast.

“I don’t want to talk to Jeb Bush. I know what Jeb Bush is gonna say — I got it,” Beck told Hannity.

“I am currently undecided,” Hannity said to qualify that he had not in any way endorsed Donald Trump or any other candidate. He explained that it’s a full five and a half months until the Iowa caucuses on February 1, 2016, so there’s plenty of time to settle on a candidate.

Beck concurred, saying he too is not completely decided on one candidate, but he does have his favorites.

“I love Ted Cruz,” Beck announced.  “Love Ted Cruz.”

“I love Ted Cruz a lot too,” Hannity interjected.

Beck said that if Cruz didn’t make it, he would consider Rand Paul and is still “kicking the tires” on Marco Rubio or Scott Walker, and Hannity expressed that he also very much liked those GOP presidential candidates.

Beck pointed out that there are those within the crowded GOP field who he would not consider because they “are progressive in nature.”

“I believe that Donald Trump is progressive in nature,” Beck contended. “He looks for the strong government,” but admitted that some of the things Trump has been saying have been connecting with people — even himself on some level.

As an example of Trump’s many flip-flops on issues, Beck cited his past support of a “wealth tax” with would confiscate assets from wealthy Americans, a scheme Beck said is highly unconstitutional.

“Nowhere in the Constitution could you find something like that,” Beck argued, a point Hannity agreed with.

The two conservative talk show greats agreed on one major point, which is that a great deal of Trump’s meteoric rise within the GOP field is because Americans are so disgusted with RINO GOP leadership led by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Hannity explained that part of the tough-talking Trump’s appeal is because Republican leadership in Congress is so weak.

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“Republicans are weak and they are timid in Washington especially — Republican governors have done a lot better…they’ve broken so many promises — Americans are fed-up,” an outraged Hannity told Beck to interruptions of “I agree.”

When Hannity downplayed Trump’s past statements, Beck argued that past statements matter because people gave Obama a pass on his past radical statements and Hannity was a leader in trying to educate the public about Obama prior to his first election.

“Remember, you were a guy who taught me about what Barack Obama said in the past and got me to care about what he said in the past. What somebody says in the past makes a difference,” Beck asserted.


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